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Corona Crossed 1.5 Million Mark in the World, Death Hits 90,056 Till Now

by Tushar Sisodiya

USA Leaves Spain Behind in High Number of Deaths

USA has now left Spain behind in terms of highest number of deaths in the country due to Coronavirus. Spain has counted 15,238 deaths till now due to this infection while USA has reported 14,800 deaths so far. Italy is leading the table with total number of 17,669 deaths in the world. Total number of Corona Infected people has now reached 15 Million now, 15,00,830 to be exact.

Corona has caused total 90,056 deaths so far while only USA has reported about 400,000 people who have been infected from this deadly virus.

According to John Hopkins University’s latest reports, came on Thursday, there have been 4,32,135 total number of infected people while Spain and Italy count 139422. Apart from that, France and Germany have also reported more than 100,000 infected people by the time.

University Number shows that approx. 2000 People have died in a second consecutive day in USA due to this Corona Virus.

192 Countries Have Been Infected:

CSSE latest report shows that there are 192 countries in the world that have been infected with this deadly virus and where all the possible things are being done to prevent from this. However, there are 3,17,800 People who have won the war against this coronavirus and went home fine.

Japan Reports 500 Cases in Day

Corona is now spreading its legs in Japan. The country has been able to save itself from this deadly virus but the conditions are so worst now as there have been 500 new positive cases being reported till Thursday. The one other reason for the Japan to be worried is that the country has the most number of old population in the world and keeping the condition in the mind, the Prime Minister has locked out 7 States f the country. There have been about 4,667 people who have been fund positive for Coronavirus while death counts to 94 till the time.

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