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USA Faces More Deaths, Spain and France Count too

by Tushar Sisodiya

The Coronavirus has been spreading even more faster in the world now and the number of dealths has crossed 83000 by the Wednesday. USA has faced about 2000 deaths in last 24 hours, while Italy, France, Spain and Germany are facing really terrible conditions. More People are dying. France recorded 1417 deaths in last 24 hours while Spain again noticed the rise of deaths after a littlw slowdown.

deaths in last 24 hours, USA has recorded total 12, 913 deaths till now. The situations are so bad in new York where 4009 people have died till now.

The Corona Resource Center at John Hopkins University has recently provided a freah number of Corona Infected People which is 14,31,375 till now while the total deaths are 82,145.

The numbers said that Italy, Spain, Britain and France have been increasing in the number of deaths. Italy has faced about 17,127 deaths, while Spain counts 14555 and France had 10,328 people who died.

Apart from that Spain and Italy have had 1,46,690 and 1,35,586 positive cased respectively.

New York state has become the center of Coronavirus where people are in their home and facing fever while the hospitals don’t have any space.

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