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Cinemas to Open from October 15th, I&B Issues SOPs….

by Tushar Sisodiya

Since the World has been in the process of unlocking itself for quite some time now. after a wave of deadly Pandemic caused by Novel Corona-virus Covid-19, it’s time for Cinemas to reopen as well. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has allowed Cinemas to reopen from October 15th but has also issues certain SOPs to follow in order to prevent any mishappening and to make sure that people will be safe.

I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar, on Tuesday, has said that based on our discussion with Ministry of Health, we have issued certain SOPs to follow in Cinemahalls. Cineplex can now open and start running the shows as per normal but have to follow certain guidelines.

Cinemahalls can now only have 50% capacity, with each person wearing a mask in the theater. Having that said, Cineplex cannot sell out all seats in the theater for a single show but half of it. People have to skip one seat between them and avoid sitting next to one another. Each person has to wear a mask and person that seems to be not following this will not be allowed to enter in the theaters.

Like earlier, the food and beverages will not be served on the seats and people have to go outside and buy by themselves. Only packaged food will be allowed and people have to get it by themselves at the counter.

Furthermore, Cinemahalls have also been ordered not to run the back to back shows and they only have to run alternate shows in a day. The shows can be run on multiple screens but should be alternate as there will be a complete sanitation process occur after each show.

We are taking everything in consideration and making sure that there will be maximum safety measures put in place to make sure people are safe. Everyone have to adhere the guidelines to protect themselves, I&B Minister further added.

Due to Covid-19, the entertainment industry is the on which has been affected the most, shutting down all it’s operations, shootings etc. It is to be known that movies form top actors including Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi and Ranveer’s 83 were all set to release back on March but have been in the bag for some months now.

Now when the Cinemas are all set to open, it is exciting to see if these movies will be released anytime soon or will be delayed further until people start getting back in theaters.

Stay Tuned!

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