Mohamed Muizzu is all set to loose power if doesn’t apologises to India

by admin

It was his anti-India nature and aggressive election campaign that helped him to gain the power in Maldives few months back but ever since the clash happend with India, things have taken wrong turn for Maldives’ president Mohamed Muizzu. The main opposition party in the parliament with the majority has clearly said that if Muizzu doesn’t apologies to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Impeachment Motion will be passed against him.

It was all started when Indian Prime Minister recently visited Lakshadweep and promoted the tourism of this beautiful Union Terriority of India. It might have pissed off some of the ministers of Maldives which were in Muizzu’s Government and they started trolling and abusing India as well as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Due to the outrage coming out on Social Media by Indians all around the worlds, in response to this, the Maldives Government had to suspend all those four ministers. But that didn’t do the damage control as Maldives recorded lowest number of Indians going for vacation, cancelling their hotels and flights to the country. That had gotten the association of Hotel and tourism in Maldives in tremendous pressure and that had put Muizzu in tremendous pressure ever since.

After Muizzu has back from his recent trip from China, where he received the grand welcome on Red-Carpet and signed various deals with the Chinese President Xi-Zingpiing, Muizzu said that Maldives isn’t a porch of any country specific and no one dares to threaten it. Although he didnb’t take any specific name but clearly he was speaking about India.

This wasn’t the first time Muizzu reacted like this under the Chinese influence but he was well known for his Anti-India behaviour. His election-motto was more clear with a slogan of “India-out” abd after being elected, he immediately asked the Indian Government to withdraw its forces from Maldives with a deadline of March 15, 2024. He also said that he would cut down the import of low quality medicines from India and will start importing them from Europe and America.

These statements have pissed off the main opposition leaders in the country and this impeachment process is the result of the same.

Now, Muizzu has the tremendous pressure from all opposition parties including the former president’s party Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Karim Ibrahim, leader of the Zoomhoore Party, has said that it is really unacceptable the way Muizzu has said things about India and certainly he has to apologize for his remarks. There’s no way we can treat our neighbour countries like this, specially the country that has been supporting our needs for a very long time.

The news portal off Maldives, “Sun” has recently published a report that MDP has gained the required majority to bring the impeachment motion and this could be passed on the Monday anything in the parliament.

Maldives has 80 members in the Parliament and MDP has the highest number of members “45”. Muizzu only has the support of only 15 members which means if Muizzu doesnt’ agree to the terms of opposition, he is all set to loose power.

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