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As an individual entrepreneur, startup or a business, are you planning to install a reliable enterprise WiFi network at your home or office? If so, there are certified UniFi & Ubiquiti specialists in town that can easily help in this endeavor. They’re quite capable of designing, planning and installing a wireless network from scratch. Right from the initial cabling and hardware laying to Ubiquiti device/product installation, there are local experts for making one such wireless system or UniFi network, fully functional and operational from day one. A reliable agency is “Simple Fly Tech” that is actually based out of Denver, CO, but also provides its services in cities like Los Angeles, CA, and is fast spreading into other cities in California, as well. Whether its installation, management and operation of one such network, they’ve professionals that can deftly handle the most complex of situations, when it comes to installing an uninterrupted WiFi network at a workplace, which is long suffering as a result of fluctuating internet connection, low upload & download speed and lesser bandwidth. Let us first understand what are the important features of a robust WiFi network.

The Key Features of a Professionally Designed WiFi or Ubiquiti Network

  • Enhanced & improved load balancing
  • Scalability in mind
  • Latest & advanced products like switches, antennas, modems and routers
  • A network management system in-place
  • Role adaptable access control mechanism
  • Indoor & outdoor coverage options
  • Network access control
  • Improved security features
  • Fully customizable & scalable
  • Ability to communicate with devices from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz

Planning a WiFi Network Installation Project

It starts with understanding your precise operational or online business requirements, for having a robust internet connection that is fast, reliable and uninterrupted, keeping in mind the future needs. As all businesses grow, so do their connectivity needs. Therefore, you too need to plan accordingly and well in advance, while hiring the services of a Wifi network installer in Denver or LA. There are Ubiquiti specialists that help in assessing your network infrastructure, and thereafter make the exact recommendations for getting a robust wireless network installed at your place. And, when you hire the services of expert WiFi providers Denver, they first go ahead understand your needs, and then design a foolproof network that functions uninterrupted, 365 days a year, along with dedicated customer support.

A Ubiquiti Network that is Scalable

When you partner with a certified wireless or WiFi network installer like “Simple Fly Tech”, you can be rest assured that they would go for installing a UniFi network in a seamless manner, by always keeping the scalability aspect in mind. This is quite important because business, organizations and companies do grow in size, thus their operational requirements also grow. So, thinking about the future, a professional Ubiquiti specialist would always design a scalable network that is customized to grow and adapt to changes. In other words, a network infrastructure that is ‘future proof’ and ‘future ready’ with the scope of further expansion and ramp-up, without having to start from scratch. In a layman’s term, a wireless enterprise network that is designed & built to serve the growing business connectivity needs in the future.

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The Components of a WiFi or Ubiquiti Network

  • Wireless routers
  • Wireless access points
  • Wireless adaptors or Network Interface Cards (NIC)
  • Repeaters & wireless bridges
  • Gateways
  • Antennas & switches
  • Wireless controller
  • DSL modems
  • NAT routers & Firewall

Implementation & Installation Process

With a highly experienced and professional Ubiquiti or UniFi network installer by your side, it becomes quite easy to get a network infrastructure set up within a few hours. It is their team of UniFi specialists in Denver, CO, that are able to do network cabling to hardware installation. It also includes installing the Ubiquiti products. Once an enterprise wireless network system is installed, your work space or office is now fully connected and in a high-speed environment. With enhanced security, flexibility, coverage and internet speed, your online business is all set for a connectivity revolution, where data & information transfer are the buzzwords. So, if you’re looking for a WiFi system that is fully operational from day one, it has to be installed from a local specialist that has years of experience in Ubiquiti products and wireless network installation. One such expert also provides dedicated support and monitoring throughout its entire life-cycle. The process of setting up a Wi-Fi network is quite simple & effective.

  • Choosing the right kind of router
  • Connecting the router with the modem
  • Installing router software
  • Opening configuration page
  • Securing the router
  • Set the wireless settings

Network Management System & Role Based Access Control

As an organization or a workplace, you need to have an efficient way of managing the entire network through a centralized grid. This is because modern day wireless networks are extremely complex and comprises switches, access points, firewalls, managed power and various other components. Therefore, having a robust network management system gives you the ability to perform better and scale-up in the future. Secondly, Role Based Access Control (RBAC) gives you the permission as a network administrator to assign roles, as to who, what, where and how a device is trying to get access to a network. After the specific role of a device or end-user is identified, the access control policies can be enforced.

Conclusion or Final Words

The bottom-line is, when you partner with a fully certified & licensed wireless network installer or WiFi service provider for installing a UniFi network, it has to be professionally and flawlessly executed. Within hours, your WiFi network is made operational with all the security features, including a robust Ubiquiti network design. So, for getting a foolproof enterprise WiFi network service, you need to hire the services of a local UniFi expert that not only offers network installation consultation, but managed IT services too. Right from design, installation, support & monitoring to scaling up for meeting the future connectivity requirements, one such Ubiquiti specialist with its range of latest Ubiquiti products is always ready to help you with a robust network set-up, right from initial cabling to hardware. A network that is designed in such a way, that it is protected from unknown threats like encrypted malware, botnets and ransomware. This is how a seasoned professional goes on to install a dedicated Ubiquiti network at home or office.

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