Top 10 Destinations to Visit after this Lockdown

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Tyneham, United Kingdom

Are you wondering when you head out for your next vacation? You aren’t alone and share the feelings with billions of others around the world. We are living through the most unnerving times in recent memory. A small virus has locked down mankind and exposed our vulnerabilities. At last count more than 210 sovereign nations and territories have been affected by the Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19. The travel and hospitality industry has been hit hard with airlines around the world in a nearly grounded state and hotels closed down. While the explorer inside you may be grounded temporarily planning your next vacation would surely help you rid your mind of the stress. Mankind will surely emerge victorious and go back to the days of exploring new places, cultures and stories. 

Experts are predicting when we will be able to travel. From people suggesting the end of the year to those alarming us with no-travel till a vaccine hits the market there are plenty of theories flooding our discourse. We won’t predict when you will feel safe to travel again and rather stick to our list of destinations. Our choice of destinations would be the less crowded ones and those that would be considered safe once the lockdown ends. We aren’t looking at shopping destinations, ones with pubs and nightclubs as these would certainly be no-go zones till the fear subsides. We stick with places that are less crowded and shall help you beat the stress of this virus and refresh your minds.    

Travels Tips for the Post Covid-19 World
Before we look at the destinations you should visit in the post-Covid-19 world here are few tips that would keep you safe during your travel – 

  • Travel destinations closer to home because you never known when a fresh wave of virus require immediate evacuation. 
  • Check out news and events of the places you plan to visit and if there is any fresh outbreak, avoid travelling. 
  • Read the travel advisories issued by your own government, WHO and the local governments of places you are planning to visit. 
  • Avoid travelling as part of large groups as this might pose a big challenge for social distancing 
  • Always carry extra cash and don’t bottom up your credit cards as you might have to alter travel plans
  • Save contact information of your embassies during foreign trips and get in touch with them in case of any outbreak 
  • Focus on personal hygiene and keep yourself well stocked up with masks and hand sanitizers 

Top 10 Destinations after Lockdown

Epidaurus, Greece
  • Epidaurus, Greece – You can’t call yourself a globe trotter if you haven’t been to Epidaurus, Greece. Close to 3000 years old it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. The Ancient Theatre on the Cynortion Mountain is famous for its acoustics. Like in any old Greek city there is something to be explored at every corner.  
Cape Reinga, New Zealand
  • Cape Reinga, New Zealand – Imagine your Instagram photo with the caption “standing at the Edge of the Earth”. That’s exactly what Cape Reinga is called. This is the place where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean with an old lighthouse right at the edge. The blue waters, the sand dunes and calmness around this place should put it into your bucket list after the lockdown. 
Tawang, India
  • Tawang, India – There is an India beyond the Taj Mahal! Located in the eastern part of the country Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the holiest centres of Buddhism. Standing 3048 meters above sea level this place offers you magnificent views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks. Apart from the 400 year old Buddhist monastery the natural beauty of this place would leave you spellbound. 
Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Machu Picchu, Peru – If there is one place you must visit in South America it should be Machu Picchu. A sacred city that was way ahead of its time till it was abandoned in the 15th century is also famous for the surrounding natural beauty. The sight of this magnificent place early in the morning with the first rays of the sun kissing its peaks will leave you spell bound. 
Connemara, Ireland
  • Connemara, Ireland – Ireland is one of the most scenic countries in the world but if you are looking to visit one of those less explored places we’d suggest Connemara. Visit the megalithic tombs in and around this picturesque town.  The rolling mountains, the lakes and the myriad pools will provide you the perfect sense of escapade.
Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia
  • Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia – Mention Cambodia and everyone wants to visit Angor Wat. Take a detour towards the Southwest of the country and the Cardamom Mountains is a treat for any nature lover. Take part in the community project of planning trees while enjoying your idyllic vacation amidst greenery doing nothing!
Cable Beach, Australia
  • Cable Beach, Australia – Named after one of the earliest laid telegraph cables this 22 km white sand beach is one of the least explored beaches in Australia. The sand dunes and the red cliffs make it an incredible sight for the visitors. It is also a great destination for those who want to go kayaking, swimming or surfing.
Mt Pinatubo, Philippines
  • Mt Pinatubo, Philippines – This active volcano made it to the record books when it erupted last in 1991 and led to global temperatures dropping for the next two years! It left behind a crater filled lake with its emerald green waters serving as the nicest backdrop for your social media posts. It takes a bit of tough trekking to this site but the view you witness is worth all the effort. 
Bastrop, United States
  • Bastrop, United States – This quite little place in the State of Texas isn’t like the flashy America that people usually visit. With the pandemic hitting the country hard this is just the kind of place you need to go post lockdown. Don’t forget to experience the river walk. This is quite, sleepy and laidback place not the usual America that we all know.
Tyneham, United Kingdom
  • Tyneham, United Kingdom – Several times during this lockdown you may have wanted to escape to a place with zero population. Why not do it when the lockdown ends? Tyneham in South Dorset would be the just the kind of destination. The place was inhabited from the Iron Age till about World War II and is famous for the rundown church and houses giving glimpse of the times gone by.

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