Accommodation Option for All Types of Travelers to Maldives

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Turquoise waters, pristine beaches, unfiltered sunsets, lagoons, luxury accommodations are words that are commonly associated with Maldives. Before I had landed into this tourist island, I had searched thoroughly and these were the word associations that invariably popped up. I remember thinking that the beauty of Maldives was exaggerated, the images photoshopped – simply because everything looked too good to be true. Yes, I wanted to visit the island. Yes, I wanted to spend a few days amidst nature, but the cynic within me warned me not to fall into any marketing traps.

Nevertheless, I researched keeping as open a mind as I could, planned my itinerary, selected a hotel and booked my tickets before too long. When I landed in the Male Airport (which incidentally isn’t in Male but on Hulhule Island – north of the capital city) and instantly agreed to everything that I had read about the island. As my flight was landing, I could really see the turquoise colored waters, endless white beaches and could almost feel the serenity of the place. I fell in love, instantly. I decided to explore as much as I could. I knew I had to find out about the best hotels for all types of travelers. I had visited almost like a backpacker, but while moving to my choice of hotel, I wondered where honeymooners would stay, how the 5-star accommodations would be like. I kept wondering. And then I researched. I learned as much as I could about the various accommodation options the island has to offer. Today I want to share my takeaways. Please note that I haven’t personally stayed in all the below mentioned hotels. I am broadly categorizing according to budget, facilities and proximity to the sea.    

Maldives Hotels

What Types of Accommodation You Can Choose

Tourism in Maldives is booming. Contrary to popular belief, this archipelago of islands doesn’t just offer luxury resorts but also several budget friendly options. There are hotels near Maldives airport that are affordable while Maldives hotels with water villas though expensive can be worth every penny. Before you book your accommodation, check out all options available.  

  • Maldives Hotels For Honeymoon – Maldives is one of the most preferred destinations for honeymooners. It isn’t really surprising considering how exotic the location is. A couple who wants to escape the humdrum of city life can spend a few leisurely days in the lap of nature. There are about 1200 islands that make Maldives out of which about 200 are inhabited. Most of these inhabited islands house exclusive and luxurious resorts that are perfect for honeymooners. The perfect choice would be a water villa. You can easily find several Maldives hotels with water villas. These are basically private villas meant for couple occupancy which has a private infinity pool that opens out onto the Indian Ocean. The sapphire and jade hued ocean embraces and entices you. You can have your breakfast while chilling on the water, bathe luxuriously without pesky onlookers or simply dip your legs into the crystal clear waters and watch the sun set in the far distance. Some of the best hotels boast of these bungalows and villas.
  • Maldives Hotels 5 Star – There are several 5 star hotels in Maldives that are worth your hard-earned money. They may be expensive (and yes, they are!) but worth every penny. You could try Maldives hotels Taj which is undoubtedly one of the best options here. The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa pampers to no end. From embarking on a gastronomical journey to enjoying state-of-the-art entertainment consoles and private infinity pools, you can have them all here. Close in competition are the Maldives hotels Hilton and Maldives hotels Four Season. Located in equally enchanting islands, they offer everything that money can buy. These Maldives hotels on the water are the perfect getaways for the tired soul.
  • Cheap Hotels in Maldives – The most common notion about holidaying in Maldives is that accommodation here is expensive. It isn’t entirely untrue but if you look at the right places you can find cheaper alternatives as well. Of course you must research for Maldives hotels cheap before you plan your itinerary. Airbnb has very good budget properties. You can find AirBnB one-room apartments in Male for anything between $50 and $75. There are also several budget hotels in Maldives, guesthouses run by locals that are cheap but good. Cheap hotels with a good rating include Whale Shark Inn Maldives, MarinaBay Villa, Bibee – all of which will approximately cost around $30 per night. Of course it won’t be one of those Maldives hotels under the sea, but you can be assured that beaches will be within walking distance. 
  • Mid-Range Hotels in Maldives – If you want luxury that is affordable you must be looking for mid-range hotels. When you check Maldives hotels price online, you will find that there are many types of hotels that call themselves mid-range budget accommodations. Primarily a mid-range hotel would offer you sea-facing rooms, a common swimming pool within its premises, spa, weekly activities, etc. While you might not have private access to beach or pools, you can still enjoy a pleasant stay in such Maldives hotels. You can book a room at the Ranveli Village or KHAAD Maldives for $100 per night.
  • Hotels Near The Airport – While Maldives may not necessarily be called a transit airport like Dubai International Airport or Singapore Airport, there may be occasions when you look for Maldives hotels near the airport. While the international airport is not really located in Male, it is advisable to look for Maldives hotels and flights that are situated in Male. The capital is an over-crowded city like many other Asian cities. The population density per square foot is among the highest in the world. This means when you book any Maldives hotel in Male you won’t be getting any sea-facing, close-to-the-beach experience. However, if you are looking for the best Maldives hotels deals, Male is the place to stay. You will be close to the airport, find easy transport to other islands and can go for sightseeing quite conveniently.  You can check out Maldives hotels in TripAdvisor to find the best hotels in Male. Some recommended on the site are Hotel Octave, Mookai Suites, Skai Lodge and Marble Hotel. They are all reasonably priced. 

Maldives is undoubtedly one of the best places for vacationing. A trip into this Indian Ocean archipelago will rejuvenate and revitalize you. Whether it is your honeymoon, a solo trip, corporate trip or a quick stopover – Maldives has a lot to offer for every type of traveler. Be sure that you choose the right type of accommodation that makes your trip all the more memorable. Pay only for services you need and you will never forget Maldives. If you are on a budget, do not fall into the trap of glitz and glamor. You can still enjoy the verdant beauty of the island nation without emptying your coffers. However, it is true that there isn’t another destination in the world with such beautiful close to the ocean resorts. It is an experience – one that you mustn’t miss.  

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