Where to Look for High-Quality Plant Fertilisers in Ghana?

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Where to buy fertilizer

Today, a majority of crop farmers in Ghana are benefitting immensely from high-quality fertilisers and plant seeds, as supplied by few of the top-rated fertiliser companies that are based out of the capital city of Accra. And one such name is “Demeter Ghana Ltd.” that offers a wide variety of fertilisers that are perfect for all soil types and crops. Whether you’re cultivating fruits, vegetable, soybean, maize, barley, sugarcane, rice, wheat, cereals or cash crops like cocoa, coffee and nuts, these soil amendments help increase crop yield, soil fertility, reduce acidity and alkaline levels in soil, thus making it appropriate for all kinds of crop cultivation throughout the year. With such soil conditioners, seed inoculants and amendments, it is now possible for farmers to grow more than one crop, twice or thrice in a year. So, all you local farmers can certainly think of increased crop yield and revenue over the years through such premium fertilisers and seeds that are now available easily across Ghana. This is the reason for the growth of the farm community and increased plantation of a variety of crops, all year round.

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Conventional Fertilisers to Specialty Seeds & Agricultural Products

Here in Ghana, the local farming community as a whole is benefitting immensely from a wide array of fertilisers that promises the best crop yield. And, crop fertiliser suppliers like “Demeter” are offering the best-in-class seeds, inoculants, soil conditioners and soil amendments that are helping farmers double their crop yield with improved quality fruits & vegetables. So, if you’re thinking about where to buy plant fertilizer in Ghana, there cannot be a better place than the company mentioned above. It stocks a wide variety of them in its exclusive warehouses at Accra and Tamale, from where it distributes throughout the country to retailers and wholesalers. Crop fertilisers like NPK 15-15-15 / 25-10-10 / 23-10-5 / 20-10-10, Urea, Rock Phosphate, Triple Super Phosphate (TSP), Muriate Of Potash (MOP), Sulphate Of Potash (SOP), Potassium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, etc, are all available with them throughout the year. Such premium quality products when blended with the soil, can definitely go on to increase your crop yield, for almost any soil type. In fact, one such company also offers soil testing.

Other Specialty Products & Seeds Helping All Small Farmers

It is not just the fertilisers that are helping increase the crop yield of farmers across Ghana, but specialty products like Micronised and Granulated Calcium Carbonate, high-quality agricultural lime, ICL-Polysulphate, Andermatt: Eco-T and Rizoliq Products that are immensely helping Ghanaian fruit & vegetable farmers, apart from cash crop growers. These are all specially formulated chemical products that produce the best results on any soil type, be it alkaline or acidic in nature. It first reduces the alkaline levels, thereafter goes on to increase the productivity levels. For example, the ICL-Polysulphate is a new product from the UK, which contains traces of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur and other active elements that enhances crop growth, yield and production. Then there are seed inoculants that protect against root pathogens and also assist in the proper development of roots. It is highly effective in crops like maize, soybean and rice where the roots mostly get affected by pathogens, fungus and bacteria. Apart from all these, the seed inoculants help in treating the seeds and increasing the harvest for a local farmer. This is how the average Ghanaian farming community is benefitting.


As a farmer or an organised farming community, you can now immensely benefit from such high-quality seeds, inoculants, soil conditioners, soil testing services and imported fertilisers that definitely helps in improving soil quality, harvest, crop yield and help get more revenue for what you’ve invested. And, it is companies like “Demeter Ghana Ltd.” that is providing all the information to farmers about the type of crop that is best suited for their soil type, and which are the best seeds, soil conditioners and fertilisers that help double the yield of crops, be it fruits, vegetable or cash crops like cocoa. It is not only the small farmers that have benefited from such improved solid & crop products, but the large organised farming communities as well that have increased their harvest and are now using such premium-quality fertilisers in their extensive crop cultivation. Local farming in Ghana is all set for a transformation through such improved soil enrichment products and services, as provided by a leading agricultural brand that has its presence throughout the nation. From conventional fertilizers to specialty products, now you get it all under one roof.

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