How to Use Social Networking for Upgrading Your Cannabis Business

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Cannabis Business Social Network

Many still live with the perception that anything to do with cannabis is bad. People associated with cannabis must invariably be a drug addict or drug dealer. But that’s not the truth. In fact it’s far off from reality. The cannabis industry is no longer a clandestine industry. While it is not wholly legal all over the world to run a cannabis business, many countries (and their states) have decriminalized, or legalized cannabis in its different forms. While use of cannabis for recreational purposes is banned in most countries, medicinal use of cannabis is allowed under the law in many places. In the USA itself, 5 states along with the District of Columbia has legalized use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. However according to federal laws, it remains prohibited.

As government policies surrounding cannabis are slowly altering, many forward-thinking people are being able to explore a respectable career in cannabis production, extraction, distribution and so on. However, it is one thing to run such a business and completely another to gain acceptance. It is the need of the hour to educate people around you about why running a cannabis business isn’t a shady job. It is as respectable and accepted as many others professions and there is no shame in running such a business. 

It’s for this reason that spreading the word about your cannabis business through social network and making people realize the value of what you do is important. In this world of digital connectivity, it has become important to grow your network with the help of online platforms. Social networking today isn’t just about connecting with friends and family, but a large part of it is also about connecting with business associates, brands, service providers, job seekers and so on. 

If you are unsure about how to improve your social networking skills so that it helps expand your business reach, we have carefully curated a list of tips you will find useful. Below we shall be talking about few ways to grow your cannabis business using social networking. 

#1 Make an Action Plan

The first step to improving your social networking is to create an action plan. Your goal may be pretty obvious and straight-forward, that is, to expand your reach but you must devise a plan as to how to go about doing so. The first step is to reach out to your industry connections that you already know – either offline or online. These are the people with whom you do business regularly. See if they have online presence – if they do reach, out to them. Once you have your initial connections in place, you can continue growing your social media network organically. 

But connections aren’t enough. You will need to create a bond with your connections. This is where a comprehensive action plan again becomes important. You should plan ahead about how you will use your social media network to communicate. Will you post on topics related to your industry regularly?  Will you blog? Will you encourage discussions (and debates on cannabis) on your platform and so on?    

#2 Know Why You Need to Use Social Networking

Most people in the cannabis business fail to go beyond making connections on social networks. Do not make the same mistake. You must realize that social networking isn’t just about connections. It is largely about communicating with your connections and forging an inter-personal relationship with them. You can only communicate with your connections when you understand what they are looking for. If you want to become an industry leader, it is important that you talk about governmental policies, consensus about the need to change people’s perception about the cannabis industry and so on. Remember that you should have a flexible action plan, changing it according to the changing needs of your social network.  

3 Be Part of The Cannabis Industry

You are not alone in the industry and it is a good practice to be in touch with industry members. There are numerous trade shows and exhibitions that are regularly held. They are a great place to come face-to-face with who’s-and-who of the cannabis industry. If you are new in the industry, you will find lot of help by attending these trade shows. The industry is generally welcoming and everyone likes to help one another.

4 Recruit and Expand

One of the purposes of social networking should be to find new talent and bring them under your umbrella. It is not easy to find talented, qualified people in the cannabis industry (given the amount of misconception people have). So, if you are social networking aim to grow your community by becoming a recruiter. Advertise for positions that will add value to your business and talk to recruiters who will help fill the position.

5 Be Part of the Online Cannabis Community

Creating a social media page isn’t enough. Nor is it enough to walk alone. It is necessary that you become a member of online cannabis community and participate in discussions. However how you communicate on these platforms will speak a lot about your business so be careful of what you say and how you say things. Do not be disrespectful in your comments. Be a positive leader who informs and educates but doesn’t mislead. The cannabis industry is misjudged by most people. Use community platforms to break myths and tell the truth about the legality and workings of your industry.

6 Connect on LinkedIn

Among the numerous social media platforms, making a profile and remaining visible on LinkedIn has become very important in today’s world. LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most professional social media platforms ideal for all kinds of businesses and industries. Connections, discussions and comments on LinkedIn will help grow your network easily and assuredly. You can also head over to something called LinkedIn Groups where you will easily find cannabis-related groups which will then connect you to the right people at the right places.

Expanding your cannabis business social network is very important in these times when businesses cannot operate alone and in isolation. Keep the above tips in mind to improve your social networking skills and connect with industry leaders and the community at large.

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