Rahul Gandhi – The One Man Army Who Solely Destroyed Congress

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Rahul Gandhi

The cabinet minister in Bhartiya Janta Party Government Smriti Irani recently releases a statement that Rahul Gandhi is alone good enough to destroy the Congress Party. Smriti seems to be right about this statement as Rahul Gandhi has almost done the same. Congress used to rule almost all states in India at one time and almost did the same for 70 years but now it has been wiped out almost from entire country. Let apart from the recent win in Himachal Pradesh, Congress Party is only ruling in two other states – Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan where is has the majority.

In a most recent event, the West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee also stated that if Rahul Gandhi remains the face of opposition leader, no one can defeat Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She further stated that Rahul Gandhi works as a TRP agent for Narendra Modi and his party leader Adheer Ranjan Chaudhary is directly working for Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP).

It is to be noted that these two statement came from two powerful leaders where Mamta Banerjee is in opposition and at one point of time, there were talks going on about the possible “Gathbandhan” of various parties including Mamta Banerjee’s Trinmool Congress and Congress Party for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in 2024.

It is not for the first time when former president of Congress Party has been criticsed like this but he has also been in news for making funny comments, out of the world promises, non-sense talks and more. And the most funny thing is that he gets a fair support from his party workers and following leaders on his non-sense. This is the reason Congress has been wiped out from all states and only running in three states now.

Most of the party workers also follow the path of Rahul Gandhi and gives some very unrealistic, out of the world and shameful comments like him.

For an example, during the presidential election last year in 2022, Congress Party leader named Adheer Ranjan Chaudhary made a very shameful comment on then newly elected president Mrs. Droupadi Murmu” calling her “Rastrapatni”. Congress faced heavy backlash by BJP and on social media on this until Adheer Ranjan Chaudhary apologized for his comments.

In a recent event, one Congress MLA appealed people to kill Prime Minister and Senior BJP leader Narendra Modi. He openly urged people to kill Modi to save Hindustan. Apart from that Congress leaders and workers were also seen raising slogans like “Modi Teri Kabar Khudegi” on an airport near an airplane.

This shows how Congress Party and its workers have been desperately trying to get rid of Narendra Modi as they are constantly trying to make Rahul Gandhi as next Prime Minister of India.

But this seems an impossible tasks as Rahul Gandhi seems to be working as an agent for BJBP. Following his funny and non-sense comments, he always seems to be one step ahead of getting himself away from the throne of Prime Minister.

In a recent event, during his lecture in Cambridge University, Rahul Gandhi openly praised China, saying it’s a country of peace and harmony. He also blamed current Indian Government for installing spy software Pegasus in his phones and in the phone of various opposition leaders as well. This seems to be a very serious allegations even after the committee formed by Supreme Court of India clearly stated that nothing like this ever happened to any opposition leaders’ phone.

The the same event in Cambridge University, Rahul Gandhi was seen giving lecture with Kamal Minuer, a Pakistani who hosted this event as well. Post his lecture, in a press conference, Rahul Gandhi also stated that there is no democracy in India and BBJP and RSS have taken over almost all judiciary, educational and financial institutions. Rahul Gandhi wasn’t stopped there as he went further and asked American and European countries to intervene in Indian Democracy which was clearly showing his agenda for upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024, which Narendra Modi led BJP Government clearly seems to be leading with a fair margin.

After his London visit and his remarks on Indian democracy, Rahul Gandhi has been consistently facing online trolls, backlash and BJP leaders have been attacking on him consistently as well. Parliament budget session was also not able to run due to this drama and reportedly there was a less of 400 million rupees due to this halt in Parliament session.

Recently Rahul Gandhi also released a statement for his London remarks, saying he didn’t say anything about country and its democracy but he was referring to a one person.

It is safe to say that all these events have proven that Rahul Gandhi is still an immature person who actually does not understand anything about politics and his immature statement has led Congress to loss its credibility among people and this is the utmost reason why Congress is losing election after elections.

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