Why Arrest of Amritpal Singh is a Big Blow for ISI and Khalistan Supporters?

by admin

A recent video of Amrit pal Singh was widely spread over the Internet where he was seen running in his car and his driver was appealing people to come in support of him as he was being chased by Police. He was kind of running for his life and to prevent his arrest as Punjab Police and CRPF had launched a joint operation to arrest this Khalistan leader.

Few days back, a news was all over the Internet that several companies of CRPF have been deployed in Punjab an somehow, this Khalistan referendum seeker already knew his fate that he would meet.

It all started when the supporters of “Waris Punjab De” chief Amrit pal Singh attacked the Ajnala Police Station in Amritsar with swords and guns and get his closed aide Lovepreet Toofan released from there. It was the matter of hours before Punjab Police decided to release Lovepreet Toofan under pressure of Khalistan supporters. It was also a big blow for the newly elected government of Punjab “Aam Aadmi Party” as it had to face a backlash after that and have been doing the same ever since.

It is to be remembered that since AAP Government has been formed in Punjab, there has been a huge spike in Khalistan referendum activities and people were also seen raising flags and swords’ and anti India slogans in support of Khalistan and dead Khalistan leader Bhindrawala.

Amrit pal Singh was a driver in Dubai and it is believed that he came to India 10 months back. Recent investigation shows that he came in contact with ISI and he was tasked to perform anti India activities by ISI. He was also in the process of establishing Anandpur Khalsa Fore and the weapons’ recovered from his house and supporters also had the same foreign countries as well. He is also believed to be funded from Foreign countries as well and National Investigation Agency (NIA) is also likely to look in to this matter.

Amrit pal Singh is also a close-aide of Babbar Khalsa International leader Paramjit Singh Pampa who trains Shikh Youth. Other than that, he is also in a good relationship with the chief of International Shikh Youth Federation, Lakhbeer Singh Rode who has been working to destroy the peace in Punjab for a very long time,

Now, two days ago on March 18, 2023, when Punjab Police launched a joint operation with CRPF against Amrit pal Singh, h was seen running in his vehicle and asking people to save him. There are about 78 of his supporters have been arrested so far and Police is still searching for him. He was seen running on a two-wheeler using a link road. The Internet services has also been suspended in all over Punjab for last two days and Police personnel’s are doing flag march on regular basis to maintain the peace and harmony.

It must be a big blow for ISI and other separatist organizations that have been constantly working to disturb the peace and harmony on the basis of religions for a very long time, specially for ISI, which has a long history of doing the same and operating terror activities in India. ISI has used Amrit pal Singh as a poppet but thanks to the Indian Security Agencies and Punjab Police, he is now on run.

Now, it has to be seen that how long will it be when this joint operation of Punjab Police and CRPF will become a success and Amrit pal Singh and his closed aide will be behind prison.

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