Why Such a Hue & Cry About a Recent Hindi Movie Poster Called “Hum Do Hamare Barah”?

by admin
Rana Ayub

Well, “We Two and Our Twelve”, translates to the real meaning of the name of this particular Hindi movie, starring Annu Kapoor in the lead role, and directed by filmmaker Kamal Chandra. So, what’s the big deal? Why such a hue and cry about this name? This is the latest Bollywood controversy at a time, when the country is simmering with religious tension and hatred, brought about by some fundamentalist belonging to one community. To be precise, the Muslim community feels that this film has been specifically targeted towards them. There’s also a punch line beside the name of the movie, saying, ‘very soon we’re going to leave China behind’. Now, that’s according to a recent population report, released by the World Health Organization. There’s no exaggeration about it! But, is one particular community to be blamed for this rapid population explosion in India? Maybe, to some extent. And, this movie clearly depicts how a population explosion can bring with it a myriad of socio-economic problems in a society, particularly in a middle-class family.

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As per the movie director, NO one particular community has been targeted in this film and people would enjoy watching it. When one of the leading English dailies in India talked to the lead actor Annu Kapoor regarding this recent ‘poster’ controversy, he clearly mentioned that ‘you cannot judge a book by seeing its cover’. One needs to watch this movie once released, and then form any opinion. He’s quite true, logical and practical in saying so. According to the filmmaker, this Hindi movie depicts the rising population in this country, and what could be its potential negative effect, fallout and impact. Especially, on a growing economy, lifestyle, purchasing power and the social aspect of ordinary Indians that would face the real brunt of this population growth, which a majority of people neglect. As per the director, one needs to look at the poster from a different perspective, and watch the movie once made, before forming any opinion. Though, it is a hard fact that one particular minority community in India is growing at an alarming rate, which needs some kind of control and restriction. No one can deny this fact.

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Of late, Indian people are becoming quite sensitive to religious issues, which was not the case, a couple of decades ago. This can be attributed to the rapid proliferation, reach, growth and power of social media, and the way things are portrayed to the ordinary people. It is just like making a mountain out of a molehill. And, this movie poster about this ‘would be’ released Hindi film, is one perfect example in this context. Even before the launch of a movie, a poster can create such a hue & cry, is only thinkable in a country like India, where religious minorities get ignited with the slightest provocation, by their fundamentalist mentors and religious preachers. As India is fast trying to make its footstep visible in the league of developed nations, such ‘petty’ incidents send a wrong signal to the world community. It is all about the growing intolerance levels in one particular religious community. In a rapidly developing country like India, which dreams of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy in the next 5-10 years, such incidents create big bottlenecks in getting FDIs. Let’s first watch this movie “Hum Do Humare Barah”, and then form any opinion about it!

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