In A Dramatic Turnaround in Bihar Politics, JDU Snap Ties with BJP

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The JDU-BJP government has fallen apart once again, after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has tendered his resignation to the Governor of Bihar, Phagu Chauhan, this Tuesday evening. This is the second time in eight years that JDU has snapped ties with the BJP coalition in the state of Bihar. The CM stated that there were several issues that led to the break-up of this alliance, and it was a unanimous decision of all the sitting MLAs to break ties with the BJP. Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party termed this incident as an open betrayal of the verdict of the people of Bihar, who had voted this alliance to power in the year 2022. The new alliance with the RJD and Congress is seen as a long-term strategy to create a permanent vote bank among its masses in this not so prosperous state of India. Nitish Kumar has been elected as the leader of this newly formed “Mahagathbandhan” or big alliance.

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As per BJP leaders, despite winning more seats than JDU in the 2020 Vidhan Sabha polls, the BJP willingly left the post of CM for their closest ally and friend Nitish Kumar. And, this kind of betrayal was never expected from an old political ally like the JDU. One BJP Union Minister Ashwini Choubey accused Nitish Kumar of being highly “opportunistic”, and said that those who were betraying the people of Bihar were trying to create obstructions in its development plans. As per the latest news, Nitish Kumar and RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav have left for Raj Bhavan to meet the governor. This is to tender his resignation, as well as claim the numbers of his MLAs along with RJD, to form the new government. This is certainly an opportunistic move by the CM, which clearly shows his future ambitions. As per Chirag Paswan, this would not be a smooth ride for the JDU-RJD alliance in the days to come.

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Amid this ongoing political crisis in Bihar, another regional party led by Jiten Ram Majhi offered unconditional support to the new Nitish Kumar alliance. At a time when the central-ruled BJP government is trying to bolster its position throughout the country, especially in the north-eastern states and in southern India, this unexpected split or break-up is seen as a big jolt and drawback to its objectives in 2024 general elections. But, political pundits and experts believe that this alliance is going to create a negative impact in the minds of ordinary voters, who can already sense the element of opportunism and betrayal. This is the real ‘low’ of Indian politics, when it comes to regional affairs. Almost all ministers have national ambitions, and that is to become the Prime Minister of the country. And, to achieve this feat, they can go down to any level. This is one perfect example of opportunism and betrayal in politics, especially when it comes to a mid-term alliance break-up. For Nitish Kumar, this is nothing new. The BJP shouldn’t be surprised at all, as it well knows the traits of this veteran Bihar leader.

Let’s see how this new alliance shapes up in Bihar’s ‘shaky’ and fragile politics, and how long this ‘new-found’ friendship lasts, before another split happens. It’s not far ahead!

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