How to Get Your Documents Translated, Using Certified Human Translators?

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As the distance between countries are shrinking and the world is fast becoming a global family, people of different nationalities are finding it easy to move around freely, relocate or shift to different countries. It may be for the purpose of studies, doing business, working in multinational companies or marrying a girl or boy of a different nationality, thereby settling down in that particular country. This is exactly when you need to submit a pile of paperwork and documents in the official language of that nation, where you’re working or finally settling down. Some popular countries where you might require certified translation services are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, The Netherlands (Nederland/Holland) or Canada, which has French as the main language in a few provinces. Therefore, you need to hire the services of licensed agencies that not only provide business language translation, but website translation too. You definitely need to take their help.

Some Areas where Translation Services are Required

Immigration Procedures – When you’re migrating to a non-English speaking country, you need to submit all the immigration paperwork in their country’s official language. Various immigration governing bodies around the world, including the USCIS, require only the translated documents to be submitted. It should be accurately and precisely translated, word-by-word, without changing or distorting the underlying meaning. So, only certified language translation services experts must be contacted for the job. The translation work should be the most accurate representation of the original documents. It is because the government bodies and institutions of that country would not accept any document, without a certificate of accuracy, as provided by the translation company.

Apostille Translations – In an apostille, it actually certifies or authenticates the origin of your personal documents to the prescribed countries that are party to the Hague Convention of 1961. Well, it is technically not mandatory as per the treaty, but still many nations have made it 100% mandatory for certified translations of apostilles.

Legal/Official Documents – Almost all types of legal translation require certification. Such legal or business translation services are usually performed by human translators, as they’re able to understand the real meaning, sentiments involved and the nitty-gritty of the legal terms and phrases. One such human translator must be an expert in the domain of law, preferably an attorney or a lawyer. He/she must possess extensive knowledge about jurisdictions, legal codes, sections and overall law.

Medical Papers & Documents – You often require medical documents while traveling abroad. Therefore, you need the services of certified translators or translation agencies that have all the required expertise. In fact, the person or agency must possess a fair knowledge about the medical field, preferably a registered physician, doctor, surgeon or paramedic. To be more precise, he/she must be a language expert, especially in the field of medicine and health. It is because he/she would be able to understand the real meaning of the technical terms, and translate it accordingly, without any errors.

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Academic Documents – If a student is going abroad for higher studies, research work or a PhD degree, he/she must get all the academic documents and transcripts accurately translated into the language of the new country. There are language translation agencies that provide the same day, next day or normal delivery, as per your urgency. It is a mandatory requirement for all students that are going abroad to pursue their higher studies in a non-English speaking nation. It is especially in the case of medical and engineering students.

Notarized Translation – This is actually a different service, which is often confused with legal translation. But, for some official documents, it is mandatory. There are certified agencies that provide both legal and notarized translation services, apart from general language and website translation services with zero errors and flaws. A majority of IT companies, advertising agencies, fashion houses and multinational firms require translation of the content (text) of their website in different languages, wherever they have a presence. But, notarized translation service is something different from the rest.

Other Official Documents that Need Translation Are:

Marriage Certificates
Divorce Certificates
Birth Certificates
Death Certificates
Bank Statements
Vaccine Records
Business/Trade Licenses
Income/Sales Tax Receipts
TDS Certificates
Utility Bills
Driver’s License
Personal Identification Documents
Visa Copies
Custom Documents
Medical Reports & Prescriptions

An Important Piece of Information

Before going ahead with any kind of certified language translation services, one must thoroughly ensure the kind of legislation necessary for translated documents, before certifying the work. This is because the level of legislation or rules differs, as per the nature and intent of the document. You also need to understand here the purpose for which the document is being translated into a different language and where it is going to be submitted. It can be at the embassy, visa office, immigration department or consulate office. It definitely makes sense to clarify with the concerned authorities, whether the translation work would be accepted or not.

Certified Language Translators for 100% Accuracy

You only need to choose a certified language translator that works with 100%, while translating any official, academic, medical, legal or personal documents and paperwork. This is highly required, as all nations will properly and thoroughly scrutinize all your official documents, before letting you in. Therefore, only a qualified, certified and licensed language translation agency must be contacted to get accurate and authenticated translations. Whether you need English translation or to any other dialect, the agency must be competent in providing you with an array of business translation, apart from website translation. You can get FREE quotes from them, and compare it with other service providers in your region, before shortlisting any one.

Final Thoughts

A language translation service is mandatory for all business professionals, executives, students, job aspirants or immigration seekers that want to move to a different country that does not speak English. In order to get a visa, you need to submit all your documents in the official language of that nation, without any flaws or errors. This is when the services of a language translation agency become so important. The translated document must be complete and 100% accurate.

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