Virtual Receptionist Services Gaining Prominence among Government and Private Entities

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Virtual Receptionist Services

If any task can be achieved without human intervention, it is definitely worth doing, as it saves time, effort, money and unnecessary hassles of ‘employee-management’ obligations. One perfect example of this is a ‘virtual receptionist service’, where all your calls are answered by a smart IVR system, as it prompts you to perform certain tasks for getting to your answer or solution. The main advantage of having one such virtual answering system, is that it functions in a 24/7 manner, 365 days a year, without having to worry of employee unavailability or absenteeism. This is the reason why a majority of government organizations and private entities are shifting to this virtual form of customer service that does not require any kind of physical presence or human intervention.

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What and Who is a Virtual Receptionist?

It is actually a smart and integrated IVR system that automatically connects customers with the concerned department or authorities. In the process, it answers the needs of customers, all day & night, without any kind of human support or physical intervention. Therefore, all major private organizations and government entities are now using virtual receptionist services, in order to track and monitor customer calls, for providing top-notch user experience and increase brand loyalty, as well as awareness.

How does it Work?

Firstly, whenever a call is made to a company or a specific department, the designated mechanism forwards it to the IVR system. In fact, some service providers give an easy forwarding number. It implies, you can keep your present or existing published number. Thereafter, the automated phone answering services get activated, by prompting you to do a set of activities, in order to get to your solution or answer.

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Secondly, the IVR system answers your phone calls, exactly as a warm, cordial and friendly visual receptionist greets you, by gathering all the information based on your specific call. The virtual receptionist can book appointments, prompt you to perform certain actions on-screen and help you get to your final goal or objective.

Lastly, one such virtual system can forward calls, take online messages and send you all the information via email, CRM or text. The virtual assistant can also schedule appointments or make calls to give a reminder to your client, about their prior appointments in advance. This is how the customers stay happy, satisfied and loyal.

A 24/7 Virtual Answering Assistance & Support

Clients always want a quick, prompt, efficient and a satisfying customer service experience. This is why a virtual answering & receptionist service is exactly the kind of system that needs to be incorporated or implemented in an organization or department, where there’s a sizable customer base and regular interaction. With such a dedicated IVR answering system, not a single call gets diverted into the answering machine. Every single call is attended and answered in a prompt and efficient manner, satisfying all customers. This can help grow your customer-centric business to its fullest capacity. It is hugely successful for client retention and expanding your customer base. And, it is all at a fraction of the cost of h ring & training a dedicated receptionist staff on-site and managing their payroll.

Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist Service

Improved Customer Experience – All the calls are promptly answered by the IVR system, even after the regular business hours on weekdays, and also on weekends. This certainly ensures a great customer experience, and helps build an extensive client base.

Decreased Cost of Staffing – It is simply because a virtual receptionist or an IVR system can replace a human receptionist. This helps in cost-cutting, by saving upon manpower training, on-boarding, hiring, temporary or permanent staffing and operational costs, which can end up in thousands of dollars every month.

CRM Compatible – A virtual receptionist model can be incorporated into and fully integrated with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It means that all the calls, customer queries and information is stored via a Cloud device and accessed on will.

Customer Engagement – As the virtual receptionist system routes all calls to the concerned departments within an organization or company, the whole process of customer engagement can be easily tracked and analyzed for improving upon services.

The Key Features of a Phone Answering Service

Some of the key features and aspects of a phone answering service are mentioned below, so that you can get a fair understanding before implementing one such process in your organization.

IVR Welcome Greeting

It is by integrating an IVR system; you can play a welcome greeting tune or music, as soon as the call gets connected. During this period, you can play a recording, informing the caller or customer about the average wait time and also provide other useful information about your company and services.

Call Recording

You need to inform the customer that the call will be recorded and monitored for in-house usage and for bettering the existing service. This certainly helps in improving the customer engagement service, and achieves increased leads, product queries and footfalls. This also helps in training new representatives or agents.


It is by having one such automated IVR system or virtual receptionist, you can now access the weekly or monthly call reports, apart from analyzing the overall customer experience and analytics, for providing better service in the future.

Call Forwarding or Distribution

The incoming customer calls can be distributed or forwarded, specifically depending upon the already-set distribution criteria. It can be performed randomly, sequentially or on the basis of priority. It is all automated, with NO human intervention, as it used to be in telephone exchanges, a couple of decades ago.


A virtual receptionist service is now gaining immense popularity among government as well as international organizations that offer dedicated front-office support to individuals and other smaller companies. Through a virtual answering service, local businesses and entrepreneurs are able to stay connected with thriller customers, 365 days a year. This helps in increasing brand loyalty and generating a great customer experience. Some call it Cloud Telephony for marketplaces. It has now become imperative in providing a great customer service via the phone mode.

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