A Sumptuous Kabob Platter for your Family and Friends who are Craving for Something Yummy

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All you meat lovers here in Glendale CA, your weekends are not going to be boring or bland, as one of the popular eateries in town brings to you some delectable assortment of mini kabob platters. Yes, I’m talking about “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” or “Art’s Bakery Glendale ” that brings to you the best of meat preparations. It is the kabob dishes and kabob platters that are simply out of this world. A foodie who loves to chew soft, tender and juicy meat, with the assortment and topping of cream, sauce, shredded cheese and fresh veggies like Jalapeno, cabbage, carrot and lettuce, this is heaven for him/her. It’s no exaggeration! Once you’ve tasted some of the delicious kabobs and kotlets here, I’m sure you’re going to come back again in search of your lip smacking dish. It’s a heaven for all those gastronomic freaks that love their chicken, lamb, beef, pork or grilled fish (Salmon or Sturgeon) in the most mouth-watering preparation and eye-popping presentation. Some of the most popular kabob dishes & family platters are:

  • Beef Lulah Kabob
  • Family Kabob Platter for (1,6,12 & 16 person serving sizes)
  • Chicken Boneless Thigh Kabob
  • Chicken Lulah Kabob
  • Beef Shish Kabob
  • Beef Lulah Kabob Wrap
  • Jalapeno & Cheese Infused Beef Lulah Kabob
  • Family Kabob Platter
  • Chicken Lulah Kabob Wrap, and more.

The Finest of Meat Preparations with the Right Sprinkling of Spices & Herbs

Usually, it is the mini kabob Glendale dishes and platters that are hugely popular among the locals here. It is simply because of the preparation style, generous topping & garnishing with fresh veggie and the right tenderness of the meat that easily creates a finger licking effect and tummy-satisfying experience. It is not only the taste, presentation and preparation style that matters, but a tummy-filling experience also holds the key, as food lovers want something truly filling for lunch or brunch. When you arrive at this food joint, the air surrounding this cafeteria is filled with the appetizing flavors and aroma of spices. You literally see the chefs prepare your favorite kabob dish or grill plate, right in front of your eyes. It is definitely a soothing experience for the eyes and olfactory senses, if you happen to be a die-hard foodie. The charcoal grille, smoked, deep fried, boiled or sautéed pork, lamb, beef and chicken are some of the delicious treats for your taste buds.

Order Online and Get it delivered within Minutes

This is the most interesting aspect about this local Glendale-based cafeteria & restaurant. Either you drop-in at the cafe and pick your order by yourself, else simply order it online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. You simply need to call their number, book your kabob dish or family platter, and get a timely delivery of your meal, without having to step out. This is how locals are enjoying their weekends, by tasting some yummy kabob dishes and grill plates.

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Kabobs, Kotlets, Sandwiches, Wraps, Soups, Salads & Grill Plates Galore

Ask for your favorite kabobs, grill plates & cotlets, you get them all under one roof. Starting from chicken & beef shish kabob wrap to Harissa, Zucchini kotlet, Uzbek Pilaf, chicken noodle soup, beef Stroganoff, Berkshire grilled bone-in pork ribs and Berkshire pork bacon chunks, you get them all at one such cafe. So, there’s no need to look for your yummy kabobs and grilled Salmon steak at two different places. It’s all freshly prepared in front of your eyes, with the best of ingredients. And, when served hot from the oven or grill, with all the juices dripping over the body of the meat chunks and kabobs, it’s definitely a heavenly experience. It’s like a burst of flavors in your mouth, with the soft and tender meat pieces melting like cotton candy, though in a spicy way. This is the kind of experience all gastronomic lovers crave for.

Sides, Entrees, Appetizers, Desserts or Main Course Meals, You Get All

Whether you’re looking for the best of appetizers or entrees, you get it all at one such local city-based cafeteria that has won the hearts of local food lovers. As appetizers, you get hot chicken noodle soup, and in the main course meal or side dishes, there’s plenty on offer. It can be mini & family kabob platters, kabob dishes, grill plates, Uzbek Pilaf, Harissa, Berkshire pork chop, New Zealand lamb chops, chicken kabob wrap, boneless country-style baby pork ribs, chicken kabob wrap, and lots of mouth watering stuff. A majority of people order kabob dishes, as it is an assortment of different types of meat, along with rice.

The Cooking Process

In the case of kabobs, the meat is properly minced in a mixer-grinder, marinated with all the right spices (pepper, salt, turmeric, ginger-garlic paste, coriander powder, chili flakes, etc.) along with olive oil, sauce, cream and yogurt. Thereafter, it is patted on to the iron grills and smoked over slow charcoal fire till the meat is properly cooked and the juices start to drip over the body. It is the aromas and flavors that get mixed into the meat, when it is grilled over a barbeque (BBQ) oven. Then for kotlet, sandwiches & meat wraps in tacos, the preparation procedure is different. In kotlets, the minced meat is deep fried or sautéed. In wraps, the fully prepared meat is wrapped in tacos with herbs, creams and veggies. Every dish has its own unique style or preparation. This is how you get to feel the burst of flavors in your mouth, as the slow cooking process over charcoal fire or in oil, keeps all the nutritional values intact. At the same time, there’s no compromise with the taste and quality.

Final Thoughts

If you’re craving for something really ‘meaty’ and delicious, it has to be one such local cafeteria that prepares the best of kabob dishes, which are the all-time favorite of locals here. The soft, juicy and tender meat simply melts in your mouth, with the soothing burst of flavors. This is what an ideal kabob dish is all about. It is the uniqueness in presentation, freshness of herbs, quality of ingredients, including the meat, and the overall cooking process that matters. And, when you’re dining at a famed cafeteria here in Glendale, you can always expect all these attributes and qualities involved in food preparation that makes any dish, ‘finger licking’ stuff.

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