It’s Now Easy Finding the Right Tax Accountant near You through Expert Help

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A decade ago, you had to manually browse through the thick Yellow Pages & White Pages of telecom majors, looking for your shop, store, handyman, health & beauty specialist, doctor or an accountant. But, not anymore! Today, you get the help of experts like “Ageras” that can help you get the best match for your business or job. Well, Google is always there to look into things, but you need to spend time on it. So, one such pan-America agency has made the whole process easy for you. If you’re looking for personal tax accountants, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), auditors or financial advisors; they can provide you with non-binding quotes to choose from. They match your company profile and job requirements, and thereafter select the best professional for you.

What Does a Tax Accountant Do?

A general accountant helps in preparing financial records, assists with taxes (income, sales, professional, GST & corporate), offers financial & budgeting advice, prepares taxes, annual reports and files IT returns. Be it filing yearly tax returns or company accounts, a general tax accountant can help you out. One such professional can also identify the growth opportunities for your company or business, help in tax preparation by examining the tax records, thus saving your precious time, effort and money. Therefore, it becomes imperative to find a qualified, licensed and certified business accountant near you, for executing all the accounts related stuff. Be it payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation, filing returns or internal audits.

How “Ageras” Helps Find An Accountant?

Once you visit their official website and fill up the online form, team ‘Ageras’ offers you 3 no-obligation quotes of top personal tax accountants or general accountants near you, within 24 hours. These are 100% FREE quotes, without any binding or obligation. They handpick the best professionals that are located near you or in your city. It is by carefully understanding your job role requirements and analyzing company profile, they shortlist the best accountancy firm or accounts professionals. You select the best out of the lot. So, if you’re asking this question to yourself, as to how to find a personal tax accountant near me, it is “Ageras” that has all the answers.

The Precise Role of an Accountant

A personal tax accountant, general business accountant or an accountancy firm can assist organizations of all sizes, with their finance related matters. It can be in the exclusive domains of bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, financial consultation, business growth advice, budget planning, etc. But, their primary role is final accounts or bookkeeping. An accountant also looks into the aspects of taxes & audits. They carefully look into your financial statements, bills, money receipts, income, expenses and other records, helping you have a ‘clean’ and transparent accounts book. This helps during tax preparation.

But, if you’re looking for ‘special assignment’ accountants, you need to hire the services of a CPA, as they’re highly qualified, experts in taxes, authorized to perform internal audits and assist during an IRS tax audit. It is because they have to pass rigorous examinations conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and get certifications, before they perform the role of a CPA.

Different Types of Accountants

There are personal or general accounts for specific roles here in the US. You can hire them, depending upon your job-specific requirements. There are certified public accountants, forensic accountants, investment accountants, management accountants, project accountants, cost accountants, chartered accountants, etc. Then, you can find financial advisors, auditors and financial consultants. The most prominent are personal tax accountants and CPAs, as they perform diverse roles for corporate entities, as well as individuals.

Other Specific Assignments of an Accountant

Firstly , an accountant gives you an overall review of your company’s accounts, financial standing in the market and also reviews financial statements and records. After reviewing all the financial documents, they can provide a neutral assessment of your company’s final accountant and books. Thereafter, they can also offer the right guidance. It is always advised to have an overview of your finances through one such expert.

Secondly, a personal tax accountant can assist in financial planning and provide an expert opinion on investment, disinvestment or permanent staffing related issues. Apart from helping in filing your taxes and returns, they can also offer professional financial advice. Usually, accountants are hired by small businesses for accurately filing income tax returns, before every tax season, here in the US.

Lastly, an accountant also helps prepare financial statements that are required before a final tax audit. It can be an internal or external audit, done by the IRS department. This is how they ease the overall auditing process, making your business operation more efficient.

How Much Does an Accountant Cost to Hire?

The cost to hire an accountant usually depends on certain key factors, such as geographic location, extent & scale of work, scope of the project and complications involved in the accounts book. The fee of an accountant usually depends on the scope of the assignment or task. Some basic activities like filing yearly tax returns or tax preparation have a fixed rate. The rates also depend on the qualification, experience, certification and license of an accountant. It can be a general accountant, a personal tax accountant or a business accountant. Obviously, the charges of CPAs, forensic and cost accountants are the highest in this segment. They usually charge on any hourly basis. The average rates are between $50 – $300 per hour, or even more. It can also go up to $500 per hour for special assignments. Some accountants also charge on a weekly, monthly or contractual basis.

Final Thoughts

If you were to hire a personal tax accountant in the US, it is ‘Ageras’ that can help you out shortlisting the best accountancy firm or professional, by matching your profile. It is a simple, easy and quick process. In this way, you get access to some of the leading general accountants or CPAs in your city that can handle all your taxation related woes, payroll and final accounts book, apart from filing of yearly IT returns, by preparing the taxes. It is all about having a ‘clean’ and ‘transparent’ accounts book, with no errors, flaws or manipulations. This is how your business or company can think about future growth.

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