Team ‘Ageras’ has made it Easier to Find a Tax Preparer in your City in the US

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Tax Preparers

Now that’s good news! It sounds interesting from a company’s perspective that has a sales tax and files returns, every year. It also applies to individuals that maintain a consolidated tax record and file income tax (IT) returns. But, sometimes it becomes difficult to find a specialist tax preparer, a personal tax accountant or an accountancy firm near you. I mean, here in the US. Not anymore! With a specialist agency like “Ageras” by your side, the task of finding a certified tax preparer is made easier than before. They offer you three no-obligation quotes of leading tax preparers in your city or suburbs, so that you can shortlist any one, depending upon your job role requirements. This is how it works. Within a couple of days you get the best quotes and shortlist your favorite tax guy.

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The Job Description of a Tax Preparer

A tax preparer helps individuals, businesses, companies and organizations with all tax related matters. They advise their clients on how to effectively reduce their tax obligations and file income tax returns. Similarly, one such tax expert or professional also helps in files sales tax, corporate tax, property tax, employee benefit tax, and other stuff. They also offer financial consultancy services to clients, when buying or selling a company, investing in a property, inheritance related issues, handling tax records and assisting during IRS tax audits. They’re also authorized to perform internal tax audits for a company or firm.

Why their Services?

It is quite difficult, cumbersome and complex to navigate through the tax rules & regulations, all by you. You definitely need expert assistance and help. They make the process of tax preparation and IT returns filing quite easy for you. In this way, you can focus on your core business deliverables. As US tax laws are constantly changing and taxation as a whole is an extensive subject/service domain, it becomes imperative to find a tax filing expert that can handle all tax related woes, including internal tax audits & financial consultancy.

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How Can ‘Ageras’ Help?

Ageras provides you with 3 non-binding quotes of tax preparers near you or in your city. Once you fill up the online application form on the website, within 48 hours, you receive these ‘no obligation’ quotes. They are handpicked for you, by matching your company profile and job role requirements. Thus, the three best matches are created. You can choose any one that perfectly fits all your job requirements, else ignore all three. So, if you were asking this question to yourself, as to how to find taxes near me, there’s a solution right away with team Ageras.

What Exactly is Tax Preparation?

It is preparing all your tax records, every year before the tax season, so as to file income tax returns with the state or federal government. It requires a lot of painstaking effort, time and research work. Going through all the official paperwork, tax files, documents, receipts, bills, final accounts, and thereafter preparing a file, takes a mammoth effort. It cannot be managed by yourself. Thus, you need the services of a tax preparer in the US, near you.

As US tax laws are constantly changing, it becomes difficult to understand the rules & regulations. Therefore, a tax preparer can help you file your annual returns. Tax preparation work is also required when you’ve inherited a property, invested in shares, precious metals, bought a property, worked abroad and received a huge amount of foreign exchange in your account. All these financial and monetary records are maintained in a file, either physically or in a Cloud storage format. This eventually helps, when you’re preparing your taxes for filing IT returns.

A tax preparation is performed by carefully assessing the tax implications on the purchase of a land, plot , house or property. It also may be a business investment. Any organization that has a sales tax and offers staff employee benefits needs the services of tax preparers to clarify their tax records and manage files. It is done by following all the federal rules & regulations, pertaining to personal or corporate taxes.

In fact, a tax preparer can assist individuals and companies in completing their tax forms, before filing. Only a seasoned tax expert or professional with an in-depth knowledge of US tax laws can examine all the personal information provided by the client. It can be related to Social Security Number (SSN), financial statement, income, expenditure, cash receipts, bills, etc. and thereby determine which of these qualify for tax deductions or rebates. They also advise the best steps to take for reducing a client’s tax obligations.

The Cost of Hiring a Tax Preparer

It totally depends on the scope, extent and scale of work. It usually differs from one tax preparer to another. Other factors that affect cost are geographical location, experience & qualification of the tax preparer and the hours worked. A majority of tax professionals charge an hourly rate, whereas some prefer a contractual basis. The average hourly rate of tax preparers in the US is between $100 – $200. It all depends on the kind of tax forms that you need to file. The rate might increase, if the present tax situation has become more complex or complicated than the previous or corresponding year.

Who Needs a Tax Preparer?

Almost all small to midsize enterprises that do not have a dedicated accounts department, need the services of a tax preparer every year before the tax season. This to accurately and flawlessly file returns by examining all the files and tax records. Even individuals with a taxable income require the services on one such certified and qualified professional. A lot of business consultants, freelancers and self-employed individuals need an expert for formulating tax strategies and reducing their burden on taxes. It is noticed that even high-salary company executives also require that services at some point of time to effectively manage all their tax related woes.

Final Thoughts

Every single business and organization here in the US requires the services of a certified tax preparer for a tax strategy consultation. A qualified professional can help establish the scope of a client’s liabilities and the financial standing in the market. As they’re abreast with all the changing tax laws, it would be a right decision to hire them for maintaining a ‘clean’ tax record or file. And, ‘Ageras’ can definitely help you in this aspect.

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