Best Treadmill Brands for Home Use

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We all know the importance of exercise and how it benefits our body and running is an essential aspect of exercise, right? Let’s understand this with an example here: I weigh around 92 Kg at the moment and I was about 98 Kg two months back. You cannot understand how bad it is to be overweight. I was about to touch 100 kg and had some real problems associated with me. I was overweight, had blood pressure problems, my lever wasn’t working properly and I had also had stomach problems. Overall, my life was just totally messed up and I wanted to get out of that phase real bad. Since I live in a rural area, access to a gym or fitness center is impossible and we don’t have the proper places to run or walk. This is where I got the idea to buy a treadmill for home use. Having that said, it was easy for me to order a treadmill online through Amazon or Flipkart since these companies can deliver even if you are on the moon (sorry for the bad joke), but Amazon delivered the treadmill in just a week of ordering, and I’ve been enjoying it since then.

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However, finding the right treadmill for home under the budget wasn’t an easy task as I had to do a lot of research. I was searching on the internet, reading reviews on Amazon, Flipkart and other online selling portals to find out the one that I could use for myself and for my family and of course the one that I can afford. My research paid off, it did take some time though but definitely it paid off and I wanted to share this information with you about which is the best treadmill for home use in India.

Why Do You Need a Treadmill At All?

Simply put, to run or to walk. People have no time these days. They are either working in offices for long hours and don’t have the time to go to the gym or they are so busy managing their businesses and families that they find little to no time for themselves. This type of lifestyle leads to sudden and serious illness even in the short age. Hence, bringing a treadmill to your home is always a good idea as you can utilize it anytime you want either for walking or running. Having a treadmill in your home gives you the flexibility to use it according to your needs and time. When you are back from the long hours of working from your office, you get fresh and get on it to walk for a few minutes to refresh yourself or if you are a working from home person, you can use it for walking during your break. You don’t have to go outside to run or jog as you can simply use it in the morning or evening for these purposes. The idea here is to move your body and keep it working all the time until you go to sleep and having a treadmill at your home will definitely help you in this aspect.

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What to Look for when Buying a Treadmill for Home Online

There are a lot of things that you need to consider while buying the best treadmill brand for home use in India. You cannot just go out there and place an order if you don’t have a good knowledge about it. You need to do the proper research to make sure you are getting the best product for your money. We have listed a few things for your reference that you can check while buying a treadmill for home use. Please see below:

  1. Brand: Brand comes first. The reputed brands have trust from the people. Check how long these brands have been in the business. Use the Internet to see the reviews of different brands, not only for the treadmill but for other products that they sell. This will give you an idea which brand you can select. Try to create a list of a few brands before making the final decision and once you are finished with your complete research, select one brand from the list that satisfies your requirements.
  2. Belt Size: As a treadmill is used for walking and running at a set pace, therefore it becomes utmost important to think about comfort, control, foot positioning and stability. So, keeping these aspects in mind, always choose a treadmill with a belt size of at least 47 inches in length and 17 inches in width. And, for taller people over 6-6.5 feet in height, the ideal belt length should be at least 55 inches, for a comfortable walking, jogging or running at a good pace. You can check out the best treadmill for home under $500 that comes loaded with all these features and characteristics.
  3. Cushioning: If you’re a health & fitness freak, using a treadmill daily for workouts in the morning and evening, always consider a machine that has ample cushioning. This is because the running bed should be able to absorb the shock, while you’re running fast or jogging at a steady pace. You need to check while buying that the belt should not shift or move with each foot strike. Always lookout for a machine that can achieve speeds of 10mph or even higher. So, check out all the design & technical specifications, including the horsepower (HP) of the machine and the motor.
  4. Automated Incline: Treadmills that come with inclines make your jogging and running sessions more exciting, by varying your workouts or rides. It also helps by exerting less pressure on your joints, make exercising easier, enhances faster calorie burning and supports muscle growth. A majority of home treadmills have inclines, ranging from 10, 15 & 20%. But, you can find trainer treadmills that have greater inclines of up to 40%, which aids in easier and faster calorie burning, simply by walking on it.
  5. Stability: A treadmill should be safe to run on and highly stable for a person of any size and weight. It should not shake or tremble, when a heavy person is running or jogging on it. If it is not stable in design, the user can fall while using it at a fairly decent speed. Therefore, you need to check the frame of the treadmill that should be robustly designed for providing maximum stability.
  6. Weight: This is another important consideration while buying a good quality treadmill in India, or in any other part of the world. It is because a treadmill should be easy to use and strongly built for a large sized or heavyweight person. Always check out the ‘user weight’ rating, if you’re confused as to which is the best treadmill for home use in India that can function seamlessly, with an excess of 135 kilograms of weight.
  7. Workout Program Settings: A majority of treadmills for home use in India and the world over comes with “built-in” workout program settings. You can pre-set the speed and incline. Treadmills that are below 20,000 INR or even cheaper, work in manual mode. So, you cannot predefine workout programs in them. Therefore, always consider buying a quality or high-end treadmill with built-in programs for better control, stability and enhanced workout.
  8. Horsepower: It is an undeniable fact that the amount of HP delivered by the motor of a treadmill is a prime indicator of the quality of the product or machine. This is how you can determine its overall performance and how engaging or entertaining the workout sessions would be. If you’re only walking daily, then consider a 1.5 HP machine. Else, if you’re into extensive workouts like continuous jogging, running and sprints twice a day, a 3-6 HP machine is the perfect treadmill for a home use. A lot of treadmill buyers ignore this aspect.
  9. Warranty, Delivery & Setup: When buying a treadmill for home, a manufacturer’s warranty is a key indicator of the quality of the product. The greater the warranty period, the better the quality. As a customer, you need to look for a lifetime warranty on the frame and a minimum of 10 years warranty on the motor. All other electronics systems should have a 5 year extended warranty, and other smaller parts & accessories must come with a 2-3 years warranty. The company should also offer a FREE delivery within city limits and provide FREE setup & maintenance, within the warranty period.
  10. Overall Performance: Last but not the least, this is the most important criteria while choosing a good treadmill for home use or a gym. It should be able to achieve a maximum speed of 6 km/hr in walking more and an excess of 15 km/hr in a run ning mode. A quality treadmill should be able to support a user-weight limitation in excess of 135 kilograms and should come with 15-20 preset workout programs. The running or jogging belt should be made of high-quality textured track material, ensuring better grip, running posture, traction and balance.

Similarly, the framework should be strong enough to support an overweight person, without shaking, squeaking or trembling, when the user sets his/her foot on the belt. And, with all other latest sensors, LCD display screen and advanced workout program features, a treadmill should justify its worth, by offering the best-in-class performance to an athlete or any ordinary individual.

Our Top Picks for Treadmills for Home

Let’s find out which is the best treadmill in India for home use, by going through these latest products, as offered by and sold online on Amazon store. We’ve picked for you some of the best treadmills in India at competitive prices. My top 5 picks are as following:

1. Reach Evolve (6 HP Peak)

Reach Evolve (6 HP Peak)

This top-end treadmill for home use is a powerful machine, with 6 HP (peak capacity), ensuring power-packed performance. Be it high-speed running/sprinting, jogging or walking, it is undoubtedly the perfect machine for a complete cardio workout at home. It comes with a fully foldable 90 degree running bed, maximum user-weight of 110 kilograms (kgs), achieves max speed of 16 km/hr and with an inclination of 15% through auto setup mode. The running belt dimension are 120*50 cms and comes with an emergency safety key. It also has a wide display screen, featuring speed, incline, distance and time, along with 15 preset user workout programs.

Cons – The price, which is at 39,999 INR, though it is competitively priced.

2. AGARO Motorized Treadmill

AGARO Acute Motorized Treadmill 2.25 HP (Peak 4.5 HP) Folding Treadmill

This stylish looking Black motorized treadmill weighs exactly 53 kilograms (kgs), and can accommodate a user-weight of 110 kilograms. Its 2.25 HP motor can achieve a peak of 4.5 HP, and a maximum speed of 14 km/hr. With 12 preset workout programs and a 15 degree automatic incline, this is the best treadmill in its class. It is a thick 1.8 mm multi-layered running belt in turf-textured material, and with a jogging track or belt dimension of 1230*420 mm. It comes with a 5” LCD console display, ergonomically designed hand grips with sensors that detect your heart rate, while you’re exercising. The anti-skid running deck is perfect for high-speed running and sprinting, thus offering great stability. And with a ‘fold-up’ design, you can easily fold it and move to different locations in your vehicle.

Cons – A bit overpriced at 36,990 INR for a 2.25 HP machine.

3. Cockatoo CTM-04 Series Home Use

Cockatoo CTM-04 Series Home Use 1.5 HP - 2 HP Peak Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill for Home with Massager, Max Speed 14Km/Hr, Max User Weight 90 Kg (DIY, Do It Yourself Installation)

This is probably the most popular and best treadmill for home use in India under 20000, as it comes loaded with features. It is available in Black or White colors, and the treadmill weighs 42 kilograms. It runs on a DC motor with a 1.5 HP and a peak rate of 2 HP. It can achieve a maximum speed of 14 km/hr, and support a user-weight of 90 kilograms. The machine/treadmill is ergonomically designed with stylish curves and cuts. But, it has a manual incline setup instead of an automated one, unlike other high-priced treadmills. With a 5” LED screen displaying time, distance, calorie, pulse & speed, it is perhaps the best value-for-money cardio workout machine for home. And, with a 1.4 mm belt thickness, it is perfect for running and jogging at great speeds.

Cons – A 3 level manual incline setup, instead of an automated one.


MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill, Electric Motorized Power Fitness Running Machine with LCD Display and Mobile Phone Holder Perfect for Home

This stylish looking home use treadmill is now available on Amazon store for sale. It comes with a powerful 2 HP DC motor (4 HP peak) that helps deliver more power and speed. A high-performance treadmill for high-endurance workout at home or fitness training at the gym. Now coming to its overall looks and functionality, it has a 5” LCD display screen that shows pulse, time, distance, speed and calories burnt. Here, you can select different speed modes, with a maximum of 14 km/hr. What’s more, it supports 110 kilograms of user-weight and comes with 12 preset programs for an efficient workout like at a top-rated gymnasium. It is easily foldable using a soft-drop hydraulic system and the running belt has a dimension of 1150*420 mm. The textured turf material offers optimal traction and comes with a robustly designed frame for extended life. What’s more, you get built-in thumb sensors on the grip that help in monitoring your heart rate throughout the workout session.

Cons – A manual incline setup for a price like 28,140 INR.

5. PowerMax Fitness MFT-410

PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill with Free Installation Assistance, Home Use & Multifunction

This is probably the most popular and affordable treadmill in India that is available online at Amazon store. It also comes with free installation assistance. This treadmill is white in color, with a kerb weight of 40 kilograms and supports a user-weight of 120 kilograms, which is far better than some high-priced treadmills. The strong frame material is made of alloy steel and comes in a belt dimension of 332*158 mm. It comes with 4 preset programs and has an LCD type display. This is a non-electric manual treadmill that helps build muscles, overall body fitness levels and offers a great home-based workout at an affordable price-tag.

Cons – Almost everything is manual, and the design is somewhat outdated.

Benefits of Buying a Treadmill for your Home

Well, there are quite a few health benefits of a treadmill workout session to count on. Let’s understand them in a pointwise manner.

  • Improves Cardio-Vascular Health
  • Helps in Losing Weight
  • Improves Muscle Strength
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Enhances Memory
  • Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
  • Enhances Sleep

By far the most important benefit of using a treadmill at home is to improve your heart health, as it offers a great cardio workout, without having to step out of your house and go to a nearby gym. In this way, you save time, effort and money, as it comes at a fraction of the cost, when compared to yearly club, health spa or gymnasium membership fees. Be it rain or snow, you can stay indoors and enjoy your daily workout session, unmindful of the weather condition outside.

A treadmill provides outstanding cardio vascular exercise that aids in improving your heart health and pulse rate. All individuals that are suffering from high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular issues, a light walk, jog or run can significantly improve your overall heart condition. In fact, in all major hospitals, treadmill tests (TMT) are performed to detect any blockage in the arteries or any other kind of heart ailments. Under normal conditions, your heart may not display the symptoms, but when put under a treadmill test, those symptoms would be displayed.

Final Words or Conclusion

Well, going by the facts, if you’re thinking which treadmill is best for home use in India, consider the above mentioned options, before buying one for your home use. It can certainly help in choosing the right product, as per your requirement, usage and budget. Apart from the key features and characteristics, you must consider the health benefits of one such fitness product that can keep you fit, healthy, agile, slim and mentally refreshed. After all, a healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind!

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