An Infrared Sauna Heating Blanket for Losing Calories, Shedding Weight & Slimming Naturally

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Sauna Blanket

It is a kind of a revolutionary health, wellness and fitness product transforming the lives of individuals, here in the US. Especially those, who are kind of health freaks looking for the best ways to stay fit, agile, slim and slender. And, what better product than an infrared portable sauna, in the form of a blanket. It is powered by batteries and infrared technology that heats up your body directly. This is how you sweat it out naturally and get to detox your body.

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This wonder product is brought to you by “LevelUp Sauna” and shipped to your doorsteps throughout the US. You can use it for a 30-day trial period and return it, if you don’t like it. But that’s not going to happen, when you get to use this heating blanket. It is portable, lightweight, easy-to-carry and stylish. Carry it anywhere, spread it on your bed or on the floor and just slip inside. Only a 30-45 minute session is enough to burn around 300-600 calories per session. No work and no physical exercise. Simply lie down on your bed, and let the far infrared sauna blanket do everything for you.

Without Stepping Out of the House, Get a Feel of Real Sauna

It’s 100% true. No exaggeration! This at home sauna in the form of a portable sauna blanket is revolutionizing the way US citizens are looking at health & fitness. This blanket provides exactly the same feeling as that of a real sauna. It is a 100% therapeutic product, worth buying. This personal infrared sauna or heating blanket is technologically advanced, safe to use, clinically tested and scientifically proven. It is no wonder why a majority of celebrities, athletes, business elites and health & calorie conscious individuals are buying it to stay fit throughout the year.

The Benefits

It has so much to offer at such a fraction of the cost, when compared to a built-in sauna at a club, hotel or resort. It helps improve sleep, enhances blood flow and oxygen level in the body, detoxifies the body, rejuvenates the skin, releases ‘feel good’ hormones like ‘Dopamine’ & ‘Serotonin’ and supports Collagen production. Most importantly, it helps in losing weight, burning excess calories, slimming down naturally and looking young. The use of one such infrared heating blanket helps in reducing body pain , muscle aches, joint pain and inflammation. What’s even more interesting is that you don’t have to step out of your house or take oral pills for slimming or losing weight.

How Does it Function?

It is the use of infrared light therapy that heats your body directly, instead of the surrounding air. Unlike traditional or conventional saunas and steam baths, this infrared heating blanket is 7 times more powerful in detoxifying the body of harmful toxins. The temperature generated by the infrared light heats down to the cellular level, where normal heating cannot reach. The result is a deep detoxifying sweat that carries out all the body toxins in the form of sweat. You simply lie down on your bed, by slipping inside this blanket.

This portable infrared sauna is 100% safe to use, all natural with NO side-effects. Within 30 minutes, you lose up to 300-400 calories. And, for a one hour session, you lose more than 600 calories. The ‘feel good’ hormones that this at home sauna produces helps in relieving your from stress and anxiety. Thus, it supports deep and sound sleep. This is how you stay healthy, by having a fit body, slender physique and slim frame. Now, you no longer have to pay the heft club membership fee for having to work out in their gym. This is how a “LevelUp Sauna” or an infrared heating blanket can change your lifestyle forever. It is fitness, redefined in a new way!

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