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Today, the world moves around the web and the internet. It’s kind of an indispensable thing that every single company, organization and individual requires to connect, prosper and grow. And, if you’re running a small business, shop, store or a firm; it becomes even more imperative to have a robust online presence. Therefore, a well-designed website is the only solution. Here in San Diego CA, there’s an agency by the name of “Symspot” that offers complete web solutions, all under one roof. Be it web design & development, graphic design, mobile app design or search engine optimization (SEO) services, this particular agency has carved out a distinct niche in the world of WordPress design and mobile responsive design.

Why WordPress?

It is because WordPress is a dynamic website building platform or tool that powers more than 40% of the web. It means, 1 out of 3 websites are designed on the WordPress platform. The reason for the popularity of this website design tool is simply because of its user-friendliness and flexibility it offers to create a site from scratch. As WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) and software, it helps in designing:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Applications
  • Complex Web Portals
  • Enterprise Websites

Any WordPress web designer in San Diego CA, or for that matter in any other part of the world would always focus on branding and visual elements. It is done by using themes that decide the appeal of a website and through plugins that add functionality, such as installing a contact form or SEO analytics tool. Here, a WordPress web developer deals only with the HTML codes.

A Mobile Responsive WordPress Web Design

As the name suggests, the design of a site should be done in a way to precisely adjust to all screen size and resolutions. It can be a smartphone/Android phone, iPad, tablet or a laptop. The site must open exactly in the same way in all of these mobile devices, without any image distortion or missing portion. In a responsive web design San Diego CA, it must ensure that the site is easy-to-navigate and browse through the screen of all devices, by keeping in mind the concept of ‘OW Zone’, ‘Taps’ and ‘Thumb Zone’ for different mobile screen sizes. A normal person and an individual with physical disability should be able to easily navigate through the website, with one hand. A design, which is fluidic and 100% compatible with all Android devices and mobiles. Some important aspects of a responsive web design are:

  • Flexible Grids & Images
  • Smart Custom Layout Structure
  • High-Clarity Images
  • Readable Font
  • Highly Browsable
  • Use of CSS Media Queries
  • Adapt Accordingly to Screen Size & Resolution
  • Prominent Tabs & Buttons
  • ‘One Thumb’ Navigable

The bottomline is, to build, design, create and develop a WordPress website that must incorporate the technology to automatically switch and respond effectively to a web visitor’s preference. This completely eliminates and negates the need for designing different websites for varied devices.

Benefits of a WordPress Designed Website


It is an ideal platform, tool and software for creating any kind of website, with a high level of flexibility. It can be a static or dynamic company website or an eCommerce site, with a number of pages and lots of HD images of products. Over a WordPress website design platform, you can showcase your company, business, brand, blog or eCommerce store in a desired style. It can be with high-clarity & pixel-perfect images, advanced Google fonts, typography and your choice of background color. You can also incorporate a CMS, analytics tool, SEO tools or a shopping cart for an online store. You can choose from over 6000 WordPress themes & templates that set new benchmarks in designing a WordPress site.

Easy-to-Use CMS

In WordPress, the administration of a website is kept simple and easy-to-understand, so as to help novices and non-technical designers. The CMS interface is so intuitive and UI rich that it can make anyone feel, as if he/she is a seasoned web developer. As a first-time user, you only need to log in to your WordPress system admin dashboard, upgrade your website content as per your needs and get to view the changes that you’ve made, instantly.

Powerful Plugins

Even though WordPress is considered to be a simple visual editor, the capabilities of WordPress as a web design platform or tool is huge. You can add custom forms, visual sliders and other eye-popping design elements, by using powerful plugins. You can also incorporate Google Analytic tools and WordPress SEO tools for increasing the functionality of your website. There are an excess of 60,000 FREE plugins that help you in building your dream WordPress website with little or no effort at all.

SEO-Ready Web Design

Apart from getting access to potent SEO plugins, the WordPress platform is also structured in a way, so that you’re able design a site that can be easily and effortlessly optimized on search engines. This is to get the top 10 ranking in Google. In this way, you can easily incorporate keywords & key phrases in your permalinks, optimize your images with Alt-Text and add metadata (meta title & meta desc) on all posts. This is how you create a robust WordPress SEO foundation. What’s even more interesting to note here is that all WordPress themes, templates & plugins provide a superb user-experience (UX), which results in getting high page rankings on Google’s SERPs.

Final Thoughts

In any mobile responsive web design on WordPress platform, it is the plugins, tools and software that play a key role in making a site become fully functional, flexible and adaptable to different scenarios. And when you’re partnering with an experienced web designer & developer, they help custom design your site on this dynamic web design platform, where millions of others sites are created. This is how you’re able to connect with your targeted audience, by having a dynamically designed website. This is the web design platform that is trusted by thousands of responsive web designers globally.

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