Jumping Rope vs Running Rope : Which is Better?

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Jumping Rope vs Running Rope

Jumping Rope vs Running Rope: which is better? This has remained a debatable question for ages. Because both the exercises burn calories effectively, it becomes difficult to decide which should become a staple in your routine workout. Unless you are training for a specific race, running is a waste of time and increases the risks of injuries. On the contrary, jump rope workouts are more convenient and let you achieve your fitness goals – fat loss, performance, strength, endurance, quicker as compared to running. In fact, over the past few years, skipping has become a new favorite among people. This article unveils the disadvantages of running, the risks involved, the effectiveness and benefits of jumping rope, and more.

Major Risk Factors of Running

Okay, so we aren’t saying that running is bad. What we are talking about are the risks that running imposes on your health. If your long-term goal is to get a toned body, then you should know the difference between Jumping Rope vs Running Rope.

Overuse Injuries

Running involves the repetitive movement of the limbs. The extreme force applied results in weakening your knee joints.

Pain in the Buttocks

Similar to the knee joints, the overuse of the buttock joints may also lead to severe aches.

Pallid Face

Excessive running burns the fat beneath our facial skin which causes the skin to sag, especially the cheeks. The sagged cheeks and flat chin also give a pallid look to the face.

Black Toenails

This problem occurs when you don’t wear the right shoe size. If you wear shoes that are not your size, it may cause bleeding underneath your toenail, leading to black toenails.

Now that you know the risks associated with running, isn’t it better to switch to jumping rope daily? For your convenience, here is a list of the benefits of rope jumping.

Benefits of Skipping Rope

Remember, as kids, how we were always asked to jump rope while we played in the park! Turns out there was a big reason they did so. With all these benefits skipping rope brings – improving fitness, balancing heart rate, and not to forget, loads of fun, it’s hard not to include it in the routine. Below are a few jumping rope benefits that we would love to highlight:

  • It improves strength and endurance.
  • Skipping is a great cardiovascular activity to pump up your heart rate.
  • It strengthens the bones.
  • It tones your overall body as it involves various muscles (shoulder, neck, triceps, back, glutes, leg).
  • Jumping ropes are inexpensive. (Just think about getting exercise equipment under 1000 INR!)
  • It is one of the best workouts to get rid of clingy belly fats.
  • While skipping, you burn 10 calories per minute which is similar to the number of calories burnt while running.
  • It boosts mood, immunity.
  • It helps in the development of both the hemispheres of the brain, thereby improving memory and other cognitive skills.

Though there are several benefits of skipping, in this article, we will discuss two major benefits in detail – heart health improvement and belly fat reduction.

Jump Rope Workout: New Best-Friend of a Healthy Heart

Plenty of childhood moments come gushing down the memory lane when we see a child jumping rope in the middle of the park. Wasn’t that time beautiful when kipping came naturally? Since it is harder for adults, it serves as an effective cardiovascular workout.

Just a few minutes of jumping, and you will find yourself sweating and puffing for air. It is because skipping engages various muscles. Since muscles require oxygen for energy production, the heart has to pump fast to make up for the oxygen-need in the body. The more muscles are involved, the more oxygen your body demands!

We are not ‘jump rope’ fanatics, but it works. Whether you believe it or not, but if we have to compare between jump rope vs running, we’d like to go with Jump Rope. It is SUPER-FUN!

Does Skipping Reduce Belly Fat?

Belly fat is stubborn and refuses to leave your body. It requires a lot of hard work to get rid of the clingy fat pockets. Skipping is not just for kids, it is a brilliant way to burn those unwanted belly fats.

Regular skipping will flatten your tummy and give a boost to your self-confidence. If you hate doing crunches and sit-ups, this is a perfect workout for you. It exercises your abdominals and uses them to burn calories.

And don’t worry, it isn’t boring. You can bring variations in your moves. Try doing double unders, single unders, skipping with one foot, jumping twice on one foot and swap, and more.

A Word of CAUTION!

Jump rope is indisputably an excellent cardio workout, but it isn’t for everybody. If you are suffering from joint aches, pains, strains, it is a BIG NO! Its impact may be too much and it may further increase pain and inflammation.

How Many Calories Does Jump Rope Burn?

Quick Answer: Well, it depends!

Long Answer: It depends on the intensity you put into your workout and how often you skip rope. Since everybody’s body is different, everybody burns a different number of calories. While some may observe noticeable changes in their body within 10 days, for others, it might take about a month or so. Don’t worry, just stick to your routine and you’ll be there!

Key Takeaway

Jumping rope is one of the most underrated exercises. According to a study published in Research Quarterly, people who spent 10 minutes jumping rope daily for six weeks improved their cardiovascular fitness just as much as people who spent 30 minutes running or jogging for the same time period.

Doing a general cardio workout session is great, but what if we tell you there’s a better way to burn calories? You may not believe but rope jumping helps you burn fat in a fraction of time as other cardio exercises. Plus it’s more fun and enjoyable!

Have you started following a jump rope workout? We’d love to know your fitness regime in the comments and which one you prefer: jump rope vs running. I hope you live this article about Jumping Rope vs Running Rope.

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