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Why Depression Memes are turning into a Coping Mechanism

by Tushar Sisodiya

It is tough to deal with depression. The very fact that you know you are under a spell of depression can trigger that sense of helplessness. The whole world around you seems hollow, and you constantly live with a sense of disillusionment thinking that everybody else is conspiring against you. When you are suffering from depression there are few happy moments in your life, and it all seems doom and gloom around you. The more you let depression command your actions the more severe it gets. This is the reason why it is important to try therapies that help you quickly overcome this problem since it can turn acute when left unattended and force you into medication with side effects. 

As someone who is still has enough control over emotions to understand the early symptoms of depression, there are several things you might have already tried to overcome the constant negativity that surrounds you. From meditation to unwinding through hobbies and pampering yourself we are sure you have already tried most of the things that are said to help fight depression.  But have you tried depression memes? You might laugh it out and wonder how those funny images with captions will help you fight depression, but they actually do. In fact many people suffering from depression have noted remarkable impact when they come across these memes that most others find irritating.

These memes are turning out to be one of the best cures for depression and this isn’t something that any doctor would suggest and for obvious reasons. People suffering from depression tend to take life too seriously! You start judging all the events around you and the experiences you have in your personal and professional life. There is a tendency to start assigning importance to events and expression that most people would pass off casually. You start entrapping yourself in things that aren’t of much importance to you. This diverts your complete attention towards something that is troubling you! 

This is where depression memes work as they let you unwind and enjoy a good laugh and they are a coping mechanism that works. They offer you those precious moments of having a good laugh that can do wonders to your condition. You can start relating these memes with actual events in your life and tend to see it from a funny perspective. Fun and laughter are definitely the best cure for people with depression. They trigger positive energy in your brand that fights the negative energies that have gripped you. 

How Depression Memes Work?

At first thought most ordinary people tend to find memes disturbing as well as irritating. After all none of us like seeing our social media feed posted with tons of memes or WhatsApp message box full of such messages. But people suffering from depression tend to enjoy memes and in fact numerous studies conducted have shown that memes are turning into a coping mechanism for people with depression. But how these memes actually work? How do they benefit people who are suffering from depression? 

Several studies have been conducted on these and there are still dozens of studies going on at the moment. Most therapists who work closely with depressed people have found that their clients relate more to dark humour and depressive memes as compared to people without signs of depression. While this may be perplexing the therapists term this as a cognitive reappraisal. This is condition where a person tends to interpret scenarios based on their real life experience. While for an ordinary person these dark memes might sound irritating and fill them with negative thoughts it seems to be helping people cope up with depression. If the scenario expressed in the meme is worse than what the person has experienced in his/her real life they immediately start seeing this as their better fortune. 

Why dark memes trigger a sense of positivity in person suffering from depression is directly linked to why people suffer from depression. For instance, dark humour immediately turns off normal people and they immediately look for positive content and this is the natural human reaction. A person who isn’t suffering from depression isn’t likely to react positively to these kinds of content or these may not trigger the right emotions in them. People suffering from depression tend to look down upon themselves and when they come across depressive memes they often see their own lives being better than the scenarios that are being depicted in these memes. 

Allows Expressing Hidden Feelings

The fact that people who are suffering from depression are able to relate their feelings to these memes acts as a corrective therapy. They are able to see the deep meaning in these dark memes that most ordinary people are likely to miss out. And people suffering from depression aren’t just consuming these memes; they also learn to create them expressing their thoughts and emotions. This allows them to release the pressure that has been building inside. They don’t have the fear of being judged by others while expressing their thoughts using these memes.   

There are dozens of groups and forums on the Social Media that are being run and managed by people who are suffering from depression or have dealt with this problem in the past. Here people are able to share their feelings and thoughts with others who are on the same boat. This socializing is also known for offering relief from the problem. If you are depressed you are likely to feel more at home sharing your thoughts with someone also having the same problem rather than an average person who might belittle you. 

Final Words

Depression memes have emerged as one of the best ways for people to deal with depression. It is easy to start this therapy and doesn’t require you to consult a therapist or seek appointment with a doctor. All you need to do is follow few social media handles that would offer you with your regular dose of depression memes and once you start relating with them you will start exercising the positive results. To conclude, you have nothing to lose trying this therapy as it will neither worsen your condition nor requires you to take any medication with side effects.

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