How Does SEO Company Help a Business Grow?

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Approximate 8 years ago, I finished up my graduation and that time, I only had one objective left which was to get a job. It did take me approximate 7 months to land a job post my graduation and it wasn’t also the one that I wanted my whole life. I dreamt of working in a IT Company, developing software etc. but I guess, I didn’t have such great marks which could help me in getting my objectives completed.

Anyway, I finally had a job and I was appointed as a Junior SEO Executive in a company. I didn’t even know what that term SEO stand for at time but I was assured that this job would have a great scope in the future so I decided to keep it and kept working. I changed one company to another and within 5 years of working in this field, I opened up my own Digital Marketing Firm in India, called Techno Wolfs Web Solutions.

You know how did this happen? How did I adopted a field which was accidentally gotten to me, as my lifetime job? I’ve got one simple answer for you, because I loved it and I have loved it all my life.

Yeah, I love being a SEO as well as Digital Marketing Professionals. I think the most important part of my job I love about is communicating with the people all around the world, listening to their problems and helping them to implementing the solutions so they can grow their businesses.

So, how does a SEO Company can help you in growing your business? What’s in there to have you taken to the top in Google searches which can improve your customer base and get you some real money, helping you to sell your products as well as services that you offer. I have described a few things in details as to how an Online Marketing Company can help a business grow with their assets in different field. Let’s take a look:

What is SEO?

Before I dive more deeply in to how a Search Engine Optimization Agency can actually help you in making some real bucks, let’s get to know more about the SEO. I know you have all read a lots of things about the SEO out there and I guess this one is not going to be a much different but this is not just a copy paste description of anything, this is the real life experience that I’m telling you.

Search Engine Optimization helps improving your website by applying different SEO methods to it. It helps in increasing the traffic to your website by getting the high search count keywords in top ranks, it helps you increasing your customer base and it helps you spreading your businesses all around the world digitally without any extra cost.

You know how companies used to do the marketing work by hiring the salesmen in the old times? That was the extra burden for those companies as they had to pay the salesmen, they had to pay their different expenses and more. But today is not the same day, things have changed. In the essence of the time 80% of world’s population stays active online, there would not be any sense for the big firms to hire the salesmen for their marketing work, they would rather prefer to hire the Digital Marketing Agencies for a better and transparent marketing work of their products and services.

How Does A SEO Company Can Actually Help in Growing Your Business?

Let’s understand this on below mentioned points:

1. They Help Getting Your Business Online:

A study has shown that there are approximate 90% of businesses in America that are online. The 10% are those which have been leading by the Old Professionals who believe to be person to person business and not in the online stuff.

So, it’s obvious that most of the businesses in the world operates online. And Being online means that you got to have a website for your business.

Yes, a real website can really help you in expanding your business, selling your goods and services online.

So, the very first step of a SEO Company is and has always been to get your business up and running online and that’s why they help you in creating your business’ website. I think we can also name them as web development company as well.

Having a website benefits you in many ways. First, you can list your products and services in your website. Second, you can interact with your customers directly through the website and explain them your business, third, you can sell your products and customer can pay directly through the website as well.

And a Digital Marketing Company can help you in all of this thing, it can help you in creating a website for your business, it can help you in reaching to your customers with a few clicks and more and more.

2. They Help Promoting Your Business in Different Search Engines:

This is the best part of what these companies do. Now, that you have a website for your business, what’s the next step of it? You don’t want it to keep it online and nobody know about it, right? You want it to be more popular so you can increase your customer base.

That’s where the marketing comes in the light and this is the main job of a Search Engine Optimization Company.

The very first job of a SEO Agency would be to find the right keywords for your business. You see, people use different terms which are also called as the Keywords to search for their interest and these keywords are the main point of marketing for any company. The job of a Digital Marketing Agency is to find the right opportunities of the keywords for your business and start optimizing your website for those set of keywords. They always make sure that the keywords should be relevant to the business and should be of good search count as what would be the advantage of targeting a term for which people are not even looking, right?

Once you have the right set of keywords for the business, it’ll be good to go.

The Second Thing the marketing companies do is they use to fix the on page SEO of your website. Google and other major search engines have set a comprehensive list of guidelines for marketing a website and the companies have to follow those rules while working on promoting a business online and doing SEO for them.

Below are the things that are taken care by the Marketing Agencies:

They create the appealing title and description tags for your website and it’s important pages. Title and Description tags are something that tells search engines what’s a page is about and the these are the very first thing that search engines crawlers look at in a website. So, it’s really necessary for you to keep updating your website pages with the keyword rich and appropriate title and description tags at regular interval of times. It is said that Search Engines Crawlers use to get an idea as to what keywords you are working on for your website, just by analyzing the title and description tags of a web page, so it’s really important for all of us to keep track of it and making it more authentic and real.

They Create the Heading tags for your website pages. Heading Tags are something that actually describe the whole page just in one line and search engines also give them the priority as well. So, the main job of a SEO Consultant is to create the appealing and keyword rich heading tags for a web page. There are the set of the Heading tags which are H1, H2, H3, H4 to H6 which need to be present on a web page.

They Help Optimizing Your Images. Search Engines can’t read the images due to their algorithmic structure so they use to read the Alternative Text associate with an image. SEO Strategists use to create the keyword rich image alternative texts and implement them on the images so the search engines get to know about it. The one other reason of putting the alternative texts for the images is that they also help in increasing the ranks for the particular keywords.

They Help Optimizing Your Web Content: Content is king for search engines and if you want your website to be succeeded online, you really got to have the good amount of content on your website. The main job of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist is to ensure that the website he is working on, should be full of appropriate content and it should be authentic, not duplicated from any other sources etc. etc.  

They Help in Building Backlinks for Your Keywords: Backlinks creation is an utmost part of any marketing strategy. This is the highest level approach that is used by any marketing professional and this also ensures the success of any SEO Campaign. Creating backlinks from highly authorative sources helps you in passing the link juice back to your website as well as it helps in improving the ranks for your particular keywords as well. So, it is imperative that you should create the backlinks which are genuine and come from the high quality websites with great SEO metrics.

3. They Help in Ranking Your Business Keywords:

So far we have seen some points that are necessary from Search Engine Optimization Perspectives and that are taken care of any SEO Professional while working on the marketing of any website. But why all this? Why do we do that?

The one and only answer for this is to get the ranks for our keywords. Whatever we do in SEO, the objective is always to get the top ranks for the keywords and that is also the objective of a SEO company as well. The job will not get done until unless we have the keywords in the top page ranks in Google and other search engines.

The main advantage of it is that getting the keywords in the top page ranks help your business appear on the top for different terms which people are actually searching. So, once they are able to see your website popping up at the top for the term they are searching, they will definitely get on your website through there. This helps in diverting a great amount of potential organic traffic back to your website which later results in increasing the sales of the products and services.


Being as a SEO Professional and owner of a Digital Marketing Company, I have always felt the need of my clients all around the world and always admired their constant believe in me. I have helped a lot of businesses in increasing their aspects and I still do the same. It is to be believed by many people that marketing firms are thieves and steal the money of people in the name of promoting their businesses and I can’t deny that but not all people are same and so does the companies. It is all about the trust. The main objective of writing this article was to help people understanding the process of SEO. The above points help you understating how a SEO Company work, what methods it applies and what outcome you can expect from the campaign. So, next time when you are going to hire any SEO Consultant for your business, do keep these things in mind and keep a track of their work by following all the above thing.

Happy Working!

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