How to Implement A Customer Persona in Your PPC Campaigns?

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How to Implement A Customer Persona in Your PPC Campaigns?

Customer personas are one of the major tenets in digital marketing. If you want to put white label PPC services to the best use, you must take a persona-based marketing approach.

In this article, you will learn about what customer persona is and how you can leverage behavioral analytics to meet your business objectives.

What is A Customer Persona?

Understanding customers is a cornerstone for brands and businesses. Otherwise, how will you be able to understand your customer needs?

This is where customer personas come in. These help you drill down and focus your time to recognize important traits within various homogenous groups of people.

A customer persona is a collection of customer data based on market research that includes behavior patterns, objectives, motivations, demographics, gender, socio-economic status, and more.

Since this offers you a detailed insight into the buyers’ interests, you will be able to attract valuable leads and customers to your business.

Types of Marketing Personas

There are three major types of personas for engaging customers with your business.

  1. Buyer Personas

These represent people who are likely to purchase your products or services – your target customers! These people play the most crucial role in driving revenue and navigating your marketing strategies and messages.

  1. Website Personas

Website personas include all the people that your website is expected to serve. It includes audiences such as present consumers, their clients, investors, media, prospective workers, and more. These people play a crucial role in guiding website designs as well as user experiences (UX).

  1. User Personas

These represent people who will use your product or service, regardless of whether they have any influence over the buying decision. For example, while the Principal of a school might decide to buy books, the librarian will be managing the records, and the students will be using it.

User personas may be used to guide product designs and spread messages about product advantages.

How to Create A Customer Persona for PPC Campaigns?

Before we proceed, do you know? What are pay per click ads? It is an online marketing strategy to increase website traffic. Every click that a user makes on the ad consumes a certain amount from the advertisers.

Now, if you want to optimize your campaigns that offer pay per click management services, you need to perform data-driven research to build strong customer personas.

  • Segment the audience by their demographics, gender, age, location, income, parental status, etc.
  • Identify the pain-points and offer solutions.

Here are some tips to help you –

  • Conduct interviews or field studies
  • Prepare questionnaires or surveys
  • Collect secondary data (government data)
  • Ethnography (observe people in the natural environment as they interact with the product)
  • Use computational techniques to manipulate pre-existing statistical data

Underutilization of Customer Personas in PPC Services – Why?

There are two big reasons for its underutilization,

  1. Often, marketers create personas that do not provide adequate customer details. And so, often, these are viewed as unnecessary spending.
  2. Sometimes different personas might be present, but the platforms on how to reach them in a specific way are limited. This has been the biggest reason for underutilization in the digital era.

For example, Display ads have been in the run for a long time, but a few years ago, platforms like Facebook or its ilk were not around.

But today, when there are ample opportunities to build personas, you must not take a chance against it. Read the next section to know how customer personas can be implemented in PPC advertising services.

How to Use Customer Persona in PPC?

Creating a PPC campaign without building your customer personas first is a big NO! Because PPC advertising focuses on target customers and their interests! And customer personas help you segment your audience for your ads.

Eventually, investing your time, efforts, and funds for using PPC management and PPC marketing services will pay off once you run your campaign.

The easiest way of implementing customer personas in PPC is to add them during your campaign setup. Follow the tips given below to put personas into action –

  1. Integrate Google Analytics into your PPC advertising.

This will allow you to monitor audience performance, take snapshots of campaigns, understand customer touchpoints, and more. You can make the most from these reports to create personalized customer personas. This will reduce your ad spend too.

  1. Create separate campaigns for each persona.

This way, you will have more control over your ad targeting, and you will be able to provide a more personalized experience to the customers.

Also, do not forget to add an ad group for Awareness, Consideration, and Decision stage buyers for each persona you create. This will help you tailor your ads as per customer needs.

  1. Use keywords to tap into customer pain-points

Marry your PPC campaigns to customers’ pain-points. This will give you an insight into their needs and help you get more clicks, sales, and engagement down the lane.

Try to avoid negative keywords and negative personas in PPC campaigns. Negative personas are people you don’t want to advertise or market to.

Why Do You Need A Customer Persona?

“To find your target prospects or leads, you need to know who they are.” – Viveka von Rosen, author of the best-selling LinkedIn Marketing.

Think of the customer persona as a compass that will direct your marketing strategy and keep your content on-course. By investing your time in learning about your customers, you will naturally build meaningful relationships.

Customer personas allow you to understand what your audience wants.

Statistically, 71% of the companies that exceed lead and revenue goals have documented personas. So, now you know what difference a customer persona can make?

Wrap Up

Whether you are a marketer, a manager, or a UX designer, customer personas can help you solve people’s problems by letting you upgrade your products or services. Leverage customer personas while utilizing the pay per click services. Today, take one step forward to making the right decisions for your business.

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