5G is Here! Understanding the Basics & Technicalities

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5G is Here! Understanding the Basics & Technicalities

The Generic Overview

Folks, this is the new revolution in telecommunication technology, globally. With networks evolving, 5G is now a reality, succeeding its predecessor 4G, slowly but steadily. It’s all about lightning speed, increased bandwidth and unlimited data access, anywhere & everywhere. As users want enhanced capacity, features, functionalities, more data and flawless connectivity; fifth-generation technology is here to fully satisfy your needs and rule the world. So, you need to accordingly adapt, acclimatize and gel with this new cellular technology, called 5G. Humans now want Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled, lightning-fast, uninterrupted, inexhaustible data and smart mobile connectivity in their mobile devices (Android phones & iPads). After getting a taste of 4G for a long time, now they yearn for something more powerful, effective and efficient.

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All you mobile geeks that want faster data with a fifth-generation wireless network, 5G is the solution and reality. With this highly refined technology, it is now easy to receive and send data at your home or office, with this 5th generation wireless mobile network. It is fully compatible with all mobile-based devices and smart gadgets that significantly ease connectivity issues, across platforms. Be it drones, security cameras, Cloud network connectivity, smart computing, virtual (online) gaming or unmanned vehicles, you name it, and get easily connected with all. Well, 5G also replaces WiFi at home and offices. No more modems and routers. These are some of the many features. Let’s dive into this ocean of new mobile technology, and understand what does 5G mean from an expert’s point-of-view.

What is 5G? – The Technicalities

In layman’s terms, 5G is poised to make your life better and easier, with smooth, uninterrupted, ultra-fast and unhindered web, internet & Cloud connectivity, across mobile platforms and Android enabled devices. It is somewhat of an evolution from its predecessor 4G LTE network. The need for one such enhanced mobile connectivity was felt, due to the significant increase in users demand for more data, seamless connectivity and improved data speed. All you guys that wanted to know, what is 5G, now have a few things to learn here.

It is the newest and the most advanced cellular technology that is a highly refined form of a wireless (W-Fi) network, which enhances connectivity and speed between two networks, groups or individuals that are using it simultaneously. Well, the 4G LTE network was limited in speed and data, but this fifth-generation technology is something of a different genre and class. Now with a 5G wireless broadband connection, you can easily expect data speed of around 20 Gbps. Moreover, it provides additional bandwidth and with a highly advanced ‘in-built’ antenna technology, you get increased data transmitted through one such superior wireless system. Let’s find out the vital features of 5G enabled mobile technology.

  • An estimated broadband speed of almost 10-20 Gbps
  • Can easily automate multiple network behaviors
  • Able to easily unite wireless, LAN & satellite based networks under one common structure
  • Superior cross-platform enabled solutions for miscellaneous industries
  • Improved service delivery, highly cost-efficient & super-fast
  • Easily able to deploy multiple virtual 5G networks on common infrastructure
  • Reduction in network energy usage to upto 90%
  • A high availability rate of 99.99% and more
  • Provides maximum & extensive coverage
  • Can be connected to an excess of 100+ devices in each area
  • Increased bandwidth for each unit area

5G is Lightning Fast

The overall data speed of 5G can be anywhere between 10 Gbps and peaks upto 20 Gbps. Many of you would be asking how much faster is 5G than 4G? The straightforward answer to this question is, nearly 10-100 times much faster than the 4G LTE network. It is all because of the shorter frequencies that it uses in the wireless network, even though the bandwidth is large.

The Working of 5G Technology

If you want to know exactly what is 5G technology, please get hooked on to this post. The main motive behind the launch of this superior telecommunication technology, after 1G, 2G, 3G & 4G, is to provide 100X faster data than a 4G network. With a massive data download speed, this network is the future of mobile connectivity, worldwide. Internet users and mobile geeks now literally play with Giga Bites, if not Terra Bites on a daily basis. In a flash of a second, you can now download your favorite movie, song, drama or documentary to your Android device or smartphone. Such rates and speed is really helpful in supporting applications related to Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality and autonomous driving vehicles.

Apart from fulfilling all your high-end data requirements, such superior mobile technologies help in effectively communicating in diverse environments, requiring very low latency of about 1 Ms (millisecond). This is the only reason why 5G is created to attain latencies, well below the 1 millisecond cut-off mark. This clearly means that any data will be transmitted and received on mobile/Android devices, well below one-thousandth of a second, where the user gets it at a speed, which is like a flash of light. Such high data & internet speeds can only be possible with 5G technology that has highly advanced and superior technology. The real difference between 4G and 5G is higher speed, lower latency and enhanced capacity (bandwidth, data transfer, platform connectivity) that easily makes the latter a technology meant for the future. Now you get to buy smartphones that are 5G enabled, somewhat of a significant transformation from what it used to be earlier.

The Latest Global Wireless Network Standard

It is a highly advanced and superior wireless network that is designed to connect anything, anywhere and on any mobile, AI or virtual technology platform, globally. It can be automated machines, devices, electronic gadgets like drones, as well as objects that are Bluetooth, Hotspot, USB or WiFi enabled. The salient features of this mobile technology is multi-Gbps peak data speeds that allow you to download or transmit any file size on any Android device, almost anywhere on this planet Earth. And, with a significant network capacity, 5G is definitely the world of its own, where everyone wants to get a slice of it. In fact, no single company can proclaim to have created it or own 5G mobile technology, as it is a collaboration of multiple mobile & telecommunication powerhouses, globally.

A 5G technology is based on OFDM (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing). In this advanced method, a digital signal is modulated across multiple channels, in order to minimize interference. Technically speaking, 5G uses 5G NR air interface technology, alongside OFDM system or network. It also uses an extensive bandwidth technology, such as sub-6 GHz and mmWave. This makes it easy connectivity with Cloud Computing, enjoying LIVE video streaming and virtual gaming in a much enhanced manner. 5G is not only going to impact an individual’s lifestyle and operational needs in a positive way, but also impact industries like remote healthcare, agriculture, transportation, banking, IT & ITES, AI, robotics, logistics, security services, etc. With a Gigabit class connectivity, your style of communicating and data usage gets an extensive enhancement.

The Operation of 5G

Both 4G & 5G operate on the same mobile networking principles. Except for the latest 5G NR air interface is able to enhance OFDM, which offers a higher amount of flexibility and scalability. This latest mobile networking technology brings in higher bandwidth, which can go way beyond 100 GHz. It is not only designed in a way to deliver ultra-fast and improved mobile broadband services than 4G LTE network, but also to seamlessly connect with the ever-expanding Internet Of Things (IoT), as well as unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality, augmented Reality & Extended Reality (ER). As a matter of fact, 5G has brought revolutionary changes to mission-critical communication. With a more capable next-generation user interface (UI), it is created to expand and serve future mobile communication, learning, gaming and entertainment needs. It is designed to support a 100X increase in traffic and also function seamlessly on low, mid & high bands spectrum. With the power of 5G enabled mobile technology, now you can download a full 8K movie, 500 times faster than a 4G LTE network. Doesn’t it Wow you?

The End Users of 5G Network

Practically everyone! Since 5G technology is mainly used to power or connect three types of services, viz; mobile broadband, mission-critical communications and IoT, it is required by almost all individuals, companies and organizations that want a faster, reliable, future expandable, scalable and bandwidth rich mobile network or internet connectivity, 365 days a year. Mobile broadband users can now get an immersive VR & AR experience, with faster, lower latency and cost-effective data. With 5G, government organizations as well as businesses can effortlessly communicate, as well as remotely control vehicles, drones, objects, medical/surgical procedures and certain mission-critical infrastructure. And, with a massive Internet-Of-Things (IoT), it is capable of providing low-cost and lean mobile connectivity solutions on cross platforms. Therefore, it can be said that individuals, government and corporate entities are bound to benefit hugely from a 5G wireless mobile network. Individuals like you and me that heavily rely on our smartphones, can now think of experiencing cutting-edge IoT, instant Cloud access and interactive content at lightning speed, immersive and UHD picture quality.


This is the new norm in mobile communications and internet connectivity. The world of smartphones, Android Apps, mobile gaming, virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, video streaming, chatting, interacting, transacting or doing online business is all set to change with a 5G mobile network. It’s all about more speed, bandwidth, network capacity, Gigabit-class connectivity, peak data rates & data transfer, in a wink of an eye. This is what new-age mobile technology is all about. So, why not bid adieu to 4G and embrace 5G with open arms, as it’s surely going to change the way you interact, work, enjoy and communicate with the world. Guys, 5G is here with a ‘big bang’ and a welcome reality.

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