Do You Believe in Ghosts?

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

So, I finally decided to write it down. I don’t know how I am writing it but I surely know what exactly I’m writing. I may not follow the standard writing protocol but I have tried to keep it detailed, sweet and simple.

So, What’s It About?

This is about a trip that we three friends went on. This is about a place, a great holiday destination, a wonderful travel destination in India, called Nanital, this is about how one of the best & most loved travel destinations of India has proven to be a nightmare for three friends and how they survived a night while travelling from Nanital to Chandigarh approx. 520 KM without even stopping anywhere in the middle.

This is going to get a hell of ride.

How it all Started:

It started all in the March, 202. We three friends, have been making plans of going somewhere for a very long time but unfortunately, we hadn’t had the time because of the work.

But we finally made a decision to go somewhere, may be a hill station as we hate plane areas. We created a list of Top Hill Stations of India and you wouldn’t believe, we actually already visited more than half places in the list, strange? I know…

Call it the travel destinations in Himachal or tourist destination in UL, we almost already got all of them covered. but there were some places that we still had to go and still have to go.

So, we chose Jim Corbett National Park. We three decided to visit Jim Corbett National Park as we already read some reviews about it around the web and I also heard somewhere that it’s once in a lifetime experiences, so we packed our bags, sit in our car and started our long journey.

Jim Corbett National Park:

As I have already written a detailed overview about Jim Corbett National Park, I don’t want you to stuck up again on a similar post like this but rather want you to read something that interest you more.

But, for the time being, I would only like to say that you must visit Jim Corbett National Park once in your life as this is one of the best wildlife Sanctuaries in India and one of the best wildlife Statuaries in the World also.


It was the morning of March 15, 202 when we suddenly decided to move to Nanital. It was a sudden decision thought. I know you’d fine it strange but we people are kind of Nerds and we do not think about anything while making any decisions.

Alright, so we decided to go to Nanital all of a sudden, cleared out our Payment, check out from Hotel Arnaya (one of the best hotel in Ram Nagar), got it to our car and started our journey from Ram Nagar to Nanital, while was approx. 90 KM, nit sure but it was the certain distance from the place where we stayed.

Drinks were in the hands, music was going in the car, we were singing too, laughing, making videos, creating the Instagram stories for our Instagram profiles, and slowly hearing to our destination called Nanital.

It always gives a great feeling to be in the mountains. I have been a lots of places in my life but mountains are something, I love the most.

So, going through a lots of mountains & uneven roads, we finally reached to our place.

I have already written each and everything about Nanital in my other post and you can see it here. So, I would like to get on the point here directly.

The Ghost Encounter:

I would like you to read this one very carefully. This could get ugly, this could get funny but this is true, this is reality and something that we witnessed but don’t want to recall or remember, so stay focused.

So, after visiting so many tourist spots in Nanital or places to visit in Nanital, we finally decided to book a hotel in Nanital so we could have some drinks and we could sleep easily.

We were in our car and trying to find an affordable hotel in there. We asked so many hotels but couldn’t make a deal. It’s not because of money but some hotels were not able to give us food, some were in bad condition and not perfectly cleaned. Obviously we were able to pay a good amount of money in there if there were good facilities as we paid 4500 a night, the night before we were in Nanital.

One of my friends recommended to use OYO. We tried OYO and we were able to find a good, neat and cleaned hotel at affordable price, with breakfast as well. Obviously, OYO is one of the best accommodation apps, present over the internet.

But, that hotel was far away from the market and we wanted to a place to stay which is nearby the market, had its own parking so we could walk around the city in the night without any tension and enjoy the local cuisines of Nanital

Some we had to cancel that hotel booking and we had to find a hotel once again, by foot which in nearby the lake and the market.

The complete mall road is round around the Nani lake and we saw some hotels there too on left hand side of the lake.

We parked our car on the Road, me and one of my other friend got off the car to find a hotel, while other one stayed in the car to watch out.

I will not mention any hotels name here as I think it will not be good and can seriously impact their businesses as well.

So, me and my other friend started looking for the hotels and we went to our first one. You need to remember here that we were looking for a hotel which could give us a parking facility, and this hotel could have fulfilled our requirements as while entering, we saw a little space on the right hand side of the hotel.

It was kind of old hotel, and barely giving us any feeling of staying over there but we ended up climbing the stairs and as we turned left, we saw a person sitting in the hotel lobby, was in a very deep thoughts and lost in the other world.

There was no one else in that area so far as we knew, so we called him and after three to four times calling, he looked at us, stand right away and moved to us.

He was like a 5 and 5 tall and looked kind of nice. He greeted us and like every other hotel staff, he started to put his impression on us. We started discussing about the prices. He told us 1680 for one night, final price with no food or any additional services.

We told him to get back to him later on and decided to find more. We ended up finding one more hotel which was in a very good stage. The hotel owner asked us to visit the room before agreeing on the payment and which was also a good idea as well, right?

We check out the room, a pretty good one actually, neat and cleaned and the view was fantastic and breakfast included, how could we have said no to this wonderful hotel? We decided to take this at any cost as we were really tired and wanted a place to stay.

We moved back to hotel owner and it was just 1500, yayyyy, so affordable. We were getting really happy until the owner said there would not be any car parking and we had to park our car two KM away from the hotel, which was the main parking zone of the Nanital. We already took out car from there and there was no sense to go back again and come back by walking around 2 KM.

We decided to drop that hotel idea and moved back to our car but suddenly decided to go back to the very first one as we remembered to saw a parking spot over there.

We again took our feet to that old hotel and met that 5 by 5 man over there. We didn’t see or view the room of that hotel so first we agreed to see the rooms. The same man took us to the first floor and opened a room for us.

We saw the room, I can’t say that was even OK, but it has the wooden art walls, wooden Almira, boxes and most of the things were made out of the woods. The bedsheets and the blankets were cleaned but those had a little smell associated with them.

So, we decided to book that hotel, just because it had parking space and we didn’t have to walk a long way to park our car. The parking space was perfect and had the capacity to park at least 5 cars at a time.

As we already made our mind to book that hotel, we started discussing the prices with that guy and pay attention here because this is going to get real funny here. While we were discussing the prices, he said he could give us the only amount which he gave us an hour earlier – 1580.

We got a strange felling as an hour ago he gave us the amount 1680 and now he was saying 1580. Me and my friend looked at each other and we were kind of agreed but I said to the man that we could only pay up to 1500.

I don’t know if he heard me or not but he said he could not lower the price than 1456.

Again, we got shocked. Me and my friend got shocked as we got what we wanted. I said to agree on 1500 but he lowered the price more than what I proposed. I don’t know if he heard me or not but we decided to book it at 1456.

Did you notice something strange here?

The very first time we asked the price, he said – 1680

Second time he said – 1560

Third time he said – 1456

You can see that each price can be easily divided with its first two digits.


You will see that each price is divided by its very first two numbers.

Is it something related to numbers used by Ghosts?

Anyway, we parked our car near the hotel, took our luggage, entered to our room. I was the only one who used to washroom, by the way and other two of them just got relaxed a bit. After half an hour, we decided to go out and roaming around the Nani Lake and Mall Road of the Nanital. It was like 5 in the evening.

We spent about 2 n half hours outside, took some necessary stuff for our drinks and then moved back to our hotel.

While climbing the stairs of the hotel, my head hit the wall above. I don’t know how it happened, may be the wall was at a very low height or maybe I’m 5’11”. But, anyway, we entered our room.

I started watching TV, other friend opened the Laptop and started working while the third one started making hukka as he was really in rush for the drinks.

So, he called me on his bed after he prepared that hukka and we three were at one bed now.

One who was working on the laptop, gave me the second laptop and asked me to work also, while the third one was doing the preparation for the drinks. He lit up the Hukka and we smoked it for few minutes.

After that, we two got busy working while the third one started making the drinks.

Post few minutes, we saw the third person was sitting very silently and not doing anything. We called him and he was like very calm and kind of afraid. We asked him what happened and he said nothing but he don’t feel like drinking and kind of has the negative feeling.

We two workolichs looked at each other until the second one said that he too, had some negative vibes since he entered the room.

I wouldn’t lie at this time and also had to admit that I also had some negative feelings as well.

Anyway, we were discussing about it and got busy in working again while the third one moved back to the other bed and got busy in his mobile.

There were a bottle of Red Label on the table, with two water bottles and couple of forks. We were busy in what we were doing and suddenly, we heard a strange sound from the bottle of Red label. First we thought, it was from the water bottles but there was no chance of it as water bottles was full of water and even if a sound came from those, that wouldn’t be the sound we heard as plastic don’t create a sound like that.

We were terrified and trying to understand what happened. We were trying to figure out what happened and suddenly, my friend took a fork and hit it on the Red Label Bottle and that’s it, it was the same sound that we heard. Out heart was pounding, how did this fork hit the bottle, who did that and how could this even be possible?

We were screaming out of our lungs and suddenly, Red Label bottle fell down and it was standing up-side down like someone was playing flip-flop with it. Who did it, how did it fell down and why didn’t it break?

Obviously, someone else was in the room with us, not visible but he was with us, sitting, standing or doing anything that we didn’t notice. It might be possible that the invisible person didn’t want us to stay over there.

So, terrified inside, we left all drinking stuff in there, packed our begs and moved back to the Reception.

We asked the person at reception that we need to go back to the home due to some emergency. It was 8 at night.

The manager gave us a doubtful look but he said something that got out interest back again. He said, I don’t know what’s wrong today as we are the third case who are checking out today due to the emergency.

We were shocked as hell as well as surprised to hear this. We took some money from him , started chanting the Hanuman Chalisa & Gayatri Mantra and started our long journey back to Chandigarh again.

All the way, we were talking about this incident, following up with the ghost stories.

After travelling about 10 Hours, we were back to our place.

I’m not sure what you think about this story but this is not fictional and imagination but this is something that we truly witnessed and I just wanted to tell everyone out there, not matter what and where, always try to book your hotel after ensuring that this will be fine. Do check the reviews from the people for that particular hotel on the web and ask people around it.

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